Hope Amidst Horror: Support Israel's Communities!

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Hope Amidst Horror: Support Israel's Communities!

From Andrea Cobrin

As we watch in heartache with a sense of helplessness from thousands of miles away, communities in Israel are uniting through grassroots efforts, demonstrating their resilience through acts of kindness!

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In the face of unimaginable tragedy and violent attacks in Israel, we’ve witnessed the emergence of hope and inspiration amidst the horror. As we watch in heartache with a sense of helplessness from thousands of miles away, communities in Israel are uniting through grassroots efforts, demonstrating their resilience through acts of kindness.

My brother, Micky Cobrin, alongside neighbors and friends in Jerusalem, is rising up with thousands of other Israelis to purchase, collect, and distribute vital resources such as food, water, and essential supplies to aid soldiers and families who have been displaced by the Hamas terror war. Drawing upon my extensive experience in nonprofit fundraising, my brother and I are joining together to create this donation page, extended to fellow Americans and our friends and family around the world, inviting you to be a part of this beacon of hope.

Together, we can all make a profound difference. With your generous donation, you can also become part of the story where hope and inspiration triumph over a tragedy too unbearable for most of us to comprehend as we watch it unfold on our screens.

How is this grassroots distribution working?

  • Grassroots distribution centers are sprouting up all over Israel. With each passing day, these systems become more efficient and organized. (View this video link of a pop-up distribution center in Nahlaot, Jerusalem where my brother lives.)
  • My brother and friends drive around to different distribution centers to collect lists of urgently needed items. (Thousands of others are also simultaneously doing this.)
  • Borrowing and renting cars, they scour the city for supplies and deliver them as quickly as possible. (Just 2 nights ago they were informed of 200 paratroopers urgently needing granola bars, deodorant, and soap. Careful not to deplete stores in one neighborhood, they visited multiple locations, purchasing 600 granola bars and countless toiletries just in time for their 3:00 a.m. deployment.)
  • Then, it’s onto the next center to acquire a new list, of urgently needed foods/goods, provided by soldiers or volunteers overseeing the organization of distribution lists.

Our Call to Action!

  • Extend this message to your local communities, friends, and family!

How will we protect your donation?

  • EVERY dollar you contribute directly aids in purchasing items for distribution.
  • We will safely collect your donation and wire it to a dedicated bank account set up at Bank of America.
  • My brother and friends will send receipts of items purchased.
  • Upon receiving receipts for goods and supplies purchased, I will wire the funds to my brother's (a dual citizen of Israel and America) account also at Bank of America to reimburse him.
  • Our promise to you is full transparency and delivery of goods and services to distribution centers and military bases in Israel.

What else can we do?

  • This is a constantly evolving situation, with needs shifting by the hour. We will strive to quickly and continuously update you here.
  • Check-in here regularly to view new photos and videos and stay informed about the most current needs.
  • Raise your voice! Be an upstander, not a bystander!

What will you purchase with my donation?

The following list came straight from the soldiers and volunteers, over the past few days, who are setting up the emergency pop-up distribution centers.

  • Needs for civilians: Food, Snacks, Protein bars, Water and drinks, Baby food, Baby formula, Baby bottles, Diapers, Disposable plates, bowls, and utensils, Clothing and shoes, First aid kits, Portable phone chargers (Samsung and iPhone), Toothbrushes and toothpaste, Deodorant, Wipes, Toilet paper, Sleeping bags
  • Needs for the soldiers: Letters of support, Pocketknives, Shock watches, Home-cooked meals, Snacks, Portable phone chargers (Samsung and iPhone), Cigarettes, Flip-flops, Towels, Socks, Toiletries, Batteries, Mattresses, Sleeping bags, Army helmets, Army tzitzit (not white!)

We are very grateful for your donation! Together, we will come through this dark time!

  • The following videos and photos were taken by my brother and his devoted companion, Foxy his 3-legged dog, on Oct 9th and 10th as supplies were distributed to emergency pop-up distribution sites and military bases. Keep checking back for updates, new pictures, and information on the current needs to see how far your donation can reach!
  • A midnight run to supply last-minute emergency supplies for 200 paratroopers who were about to deploy at 3 a.m. My brother and friends delivered 600 granola bars and toiletries. (10/11/2023) Watch the Video Link as they organize the delivery.
  • Watch the video link of my brother and his friends in the neighborhood of Katamon, Jerusalem cooking food and organizing clothing and supplies throughout the night to be distributed at the distribution centers the next morning. (10/9/2023)
  • Soldiers without camping pads and sleeping bags (10/12/2023) 

  • Shopping trips to deliver food and goods to various distribution centers throughout Jerusalem (Week 1)

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