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My name is Raniyah Giggetts I'm a premature baby girl who was born 14 weeks early. I was born Dec 23, 2012 at 7:25pm; At the Sentara Hospital of Princess Ann in Virginia Beach. While my mom and dad were visiting Virginia Beach no one expected for me to be born so early. During my stay at Sentara, doctors discovered that i had a hole in my heart medically known a (PDA) referred to as a ‘patient’ (meaning open) ductus arteriosus. I was shipped to the Children's Hospital of the King of Daughters in Norfolk VA. due to the problem. Doctors said they will wait it out due to being too small for surgery I was only 1lb at the time. After weeks of overseeing me the Doctors found another problem I had Necrotizing Enterocolitis usually called (NEC) its where a hole was formed through my bowel wall (a perforation), Which caused it to spill its contents into my abdominal cavity. Doctors got together and figured that this should be fixed right away. So they went in and surgically pulled up my intestines which were exposed until the hole closed. As my parents thought things where getting better the Doctors hit them with another brick wall. After doing a routine head scan Doctors also diagnosed me with Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) a type of brain injury that affects infants. The condition involves the death of small areas of brain tissue around fluid-filled areas called ventricles. The damage creates "holes" in the brain. Level four being the most severe stage of this condition i had a stage four on the left side of my head and a stage three on the right. Doctors say that i will have a case of Cerebral Palsy and will have some developmental delays throughout life so they suggested that i be seen by specialist when I’m released from the hospital. Day by day the fluids in my head caused my head to grow abnormally large so Doctors had to do tapping to remove access fluids until they were able to surgically put a reservoir in. When the time came for this surgery it went well and about two weeks later it became infected. So once again they had to go back into my head a remove it. I recovered from that and I’m doing fine. On Thursdays April 4, 2013 my Intestines were put back together and I am now in recovery; once recovered surgeons will put a shunt in my head for the fluids to move through my brain as it suppose.  As we all know the surgery’s aren’t free and my parents are having trouble raising medical funds to pay for the but with your help they can make it possible for me to see a better day. Thanks so much may god bless all Raniyah Lavern Giggetts

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