Organic Hobby Farm gone Wrong: Mission of Passion and Vengence

Organic Hobby Farm gone Wrong: Mission of Passion and Vengence

From Rochelle Creeke

Help me recover from the evil deeds of a master scammer. City girl wanted to organic farm but the "farmer" had other ideas and left me stranded here with her 14 cats!

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Forword: Several yrs ago I became interested in organic food and really wanted to grow my own.  Living in the city  made that difficult and I thought I had an ingenious idea......find a farmer roomie!

In the beginning: I was contacted by a woman with a "hobby farm" and ceramic studio.  Due to all kinds of traumatic and chaotic scenarios  the farm, house and studio were in bad shape. But now she was ready to restore everything to its former glory and she really thought I would be a perfect roomate for her. Loved animals, gardening and art. According to her it would be a partnership. Run our own business....grow our own food!

I met her, saw the place, listened to her sad stories about why it looked so bad...her mom died, her brother, died, her boyfriend left her hanging, her best friend stabbed her in the back, tornado .  OK I understood, people hit rough patches. As long as the goal was to clean it up, fix it up and start the studio back up. I could handle it.

Saga: It was ALL A LIE.  This woman has been living of the backs of others for 30+yrs. All her family and friends had cut her loose so she had turned to roommate scams.  I was the 9th in 10yrs. Major FBomb...Fraud Fake Fink

AND The property was not hers. AND she was way behind on rent and utilities.  AND she had no intention of restarting the ceramic studio.  AND she had absolutley zero income and expected whoever lived with her to support her, 18 cats, 21 chickens, 9 goats, 2 snakes, 4 cages of mice and her 120lb dog. AND she has no working vehicle. AND she has no valid drivers licence.  AND is a hoarder. AND had no intention of cleaning up or fixing a thing. AND she really didnt know about organic farming AND dozens of other absurd infractions I dont have space to mention.

Conclusion: Obviously we didnt mesh well. I started packing to leave after 5months. The Land lord showed up and evicted her. He was aware of the roommate scams and couldnt take it anymore. So she left with much soap opera drama flair, and stole some of my things on her way out. Left 14 cats  and 2 chickens behind plus massive tons of hoarder crap.

Im kinda stuck here.  Got rid of most of my possesions to move here 100miles from home). I spent all the money I came with feeding her animals. I could not stand to let them go hungry. My only option at this point is to run home to daddy OR stay here and make this place something wonderful and show that fake organic farmer how its done!

Mission: -Raise $5500 for a down payment to buy the property. The landlord wants to sell. If I dont buy, I will have to leave. Im selling my Wedding ring but it wont be enough.

-Get all of the cats fixed asap. There are 5 generations of cats from 1 mom. She goes to the vet first. Each cat will cost $100

-Repair the chickenhouse. Roommate scrapped  metal doors and fencing for money and now the chickens cant be secured at night and there are coyotes here.

-Get another job so I can continue to feed everybody. If I take the cats to the shelter they will be put down. People actually dump pets in the county and the shelter has become a putdown facility. I cant take them there.

The list goes on (Im starting from scratch) but I have said enough. I came here to get a nature fix and do some organic farming. I havent really done either so I am hoping to reverse this madness with your help.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and Thank you for your support. My dog thanks you to. He loves it here. OH! I had not mentioned, I have a dog and he has been wonderful through this turmoil. I probably would have cracked up and snapped without him.

Much love to you all.

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