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MAD4YU helps students achieve their academic goals, MAD4YU served an average of 160 students every weekend. With the extraordinary talents and generosity of volunteers and donors.

 MAD4YU was providing free tutoring and homework help every Saturday and Sunday on subjects including reading, mathematics, writing, science, social studies, and foreign language to students in elementary, middle, high school, and beyond. 

The pandemic increased resource gaps, leaving kids at greater risk Like the schools, our facility closed, leaving students and families without access to the enabling individualized support MAD4YU offers. 

The Office for Civil Rights report, Education in a Pandemic: The Disparate Impacts of COVID-19 on American’s Students states, “Emerging evidence shows that the pandemic has negatively affected academic growth, widening pre-existing disparities. In core subjects like math and reading, there are worrisome signs that in some grades students might be falling even further behind pre-pandemic expectations.” 

The need is urgent – become a partner today! With your help, these students can be defined by their ambitions, opportunities, and successes instead of by the unfortunate disparities in our education system. 

There is an immediate need for your partnership to rebuild MAD4YU's capacity to: 

- Reopen the facilities using best public health practices 

- Update textbooks and software to support a vast range of instructional guidance

- Get the word out that free tutoring is available again - Meet a critical unmet need for consistent, and easy-to-access academic support

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