Homeless Shelter to House 100 Homeless Citizens

Homeless Shelter to House 100 Homeless Citizens

From Tariq Jamil Faridi

Tiny House Village To House 100 Men - Raising $5,500,000 and the County where the Center is being established, and the Interagency Council on Homelessness, will be the beneficiary and Task Force on Homelessness.

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The Father-Son Homeless Team

From losing our home to building homes for others

From Rags of Homelessness to Riches of HomeBlEssDness.

The Father-Son Homeless Team

From losing our home to building homes for others

From Rags of Homelessness to Riches of HomeBlEssDness.

This is the story of Tariq Jamil Faridi, times two- we share the same name.  It was never part of the plan to end up in a salvaged 5th wheel.  My son and I grew up as God-fearing men. We never engaged in smoking, alcohol or drugs. We are both A students. I went to college: Masters and Doctorate degrees.  But here we were- thanks to circumstances of life- facing that which would lead to homelessness.  Sadly, for us and so many others, the help was only available AFTER I could bring proof of not just the Foreclosure Notice, but also an Eviction Notice.  (Amazingly pathetic and pathetically amazing).

Sadly, this is still how the system works today, when seeking help from government agencies, due to their lack of available financial and human resources, you must be in the worst-case scenario before you are eligible for help.

So…. there we were, homeless, no home and no car (my ex-wife had “borrowed” my car and totaled it).  I lived in a rescue mission shelter for 3 months, once I finally got custody of my son a friend offered us a salvaged 5th wheel with no electricity or water….the rescue mission I’d been in didn’t allow kids and even though it was in rough condition it was a roof over our head and we were together.  We called that 5 wheel home for one year.  We might still be there, but that year ended with a welfare check by a social worker, who found no food in my refrigerator – no electricity, no water- not a place for a child to live.  They took my son to foster care.

How did a person with College Degrees (Masters and an in-process Doctorate Education and financial means) end up in this desperate financial shambles, homeless, penniless, hopeless.

I grew up in a well-to-do home, had straight A’s and at 16 came to America and went to college on a work-study scholarship.   I had dreams, dreams that I successfully pursued to fulfillment. I was married, raised four children with my first wife- who all went to college, and between 1980 and 2010 – through reverse mergers, took three companies public (WellnessAmerica[1], Tri-Unified Health, Kettleman City - News Release[2]).  Truly living the American Dream.

Thanks to a nasty divorce and a nasty custody battle, I found myself paying legal fees and not the house mortgage, car payments or utilities. I found myself at the mercy of the social worker.  My son was sent to foster care, and I was living on food stamps and cash relief. THIS is where PREVENTION STRATEGIES[3] to provide financial life-rafts and mental health counseling, work-study, mortgage assistance (and being given the option of DOWNSIZING TO TINY HOMES) to avoid foreclosure before it reaches that far- prevention that is CRUCIAL and life-changing.

My dreams of becoming the largest provider of health and wellness were suddenly shattered during this life experience (but fortunately now revived - my Chiropractor came to my rescue). First, she provided me a place to live, then she purchased a car for me.  As our friendship developed, she saw my heart for the homeless, she saw me save water bottles to give to homeless people we would find while driving around, she began going with me to meetings with Veterans and became an activist[4]. My Chiropractor, became the first model supporter of this cause, she formed a 501 c 3 – Homeblessedness Foundation, and with her own donation started Tiny House Leader, (www.tinyhouseleader.com).

We have recently launched a Fundly Capital Raising Campaign, to encourage others to follow our model. We are donating the power tools and woodworking machinery and flat-bed trailers and trucks we have purchased, to start a WORK FORCE-Training Shelter-Building Workshop.  New Tiny Homes for Graduates of the workshops, we’re also repurposing 5 wheels for first-time entrants of the Workforce Program.

On Sept 9, we meet with County Supervisors as well as two managers from the workforce training program, we are witnessing the launch of HomelessAmerica Shelters.

With the same zeal and commitment to excellence, this former Chairman and CEO of WellnessAmerica will make homelessness manageable and we’re launching a Homelessness Prevention Campaign.  Homelessness is a disease, both preventable and curable.  We will launch a concurrent two-pronged approach, different socioeconomic surroundings, homeless prevention through workshops and seminars for the homeless as well as homeless housing fundraising through churches, funding campaigns, etc. 

Just like health issues, our homeless issue is best managed with prevention BEFORE they become homeless and are further driven to drugs and stealing and vandalizing- the things that cost communities so much.  But because we already have so many homeless RIGHT NOW, we must also take care of the ones that weren’t given the preventative help they needed, so we’re launching this concurrently with the first phase of our Homeless Shelter Building Campaign to house 100 homeless.

Homelessness is a NATIONAL issue, cities and communities all around the world are dealing with this issue.  Sacramento, CA just obtained city funding of $20 Million to establish a homeless shelter to start managing their exponentially growing challenge. In the US, 49% of the homeless live in California.  It is this author’s belief that helping our fellow human is our duty as a CITIZEN, and not only a loving thing to do, but the RIGHT thing to do. 

We have formed a partnership with GoDaddy Social and have started a Fundly campaign.  I will be sharing the results of our meeting on Wednesday. If you are interested in building a tiny house for yourself, we will provide free building plans and materials list as well as a turnkey step-by-step construction plan.  Our initial trainees in the workforce training program utilizing tools and equipment we will provide and offer tiny homes for sale and for the shelter at very competitive prices maintaining the highest quality and standards of construction.

 As a donor to Homeless Shelters Fundly Tiny House Campaign, your kindness and generosity will literally be life-changing.  My son and I are among the lucky ones, we were given the help we needed and are no longer among the homeless, no longer utilizing the resources that others desperately need.

I know my story is different from many men, women, and children who become homeless.  But, in the most important way, it’s the same: I needed compassion. I needed help. No one deserves to end up homeless on the streets. Statistically, 70% of Americans are one or two paychecks or one health challenge away from this very situation.  Thanks to those of you who donate, there’s a refuge of hope for people like me. Homeless Shelters Fundly Tiny House Campaign – It’s a Mission.  PLEASE JOIN US.  We can allow things to get worse or choose to make them better.  Join us to make them better.

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