Home Loan Eligibility

Home Loan Eligibility

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Are you eligible enough to avail of a home loan? Not every loan applicant has the answer to this question, before applying for a home loan. Availing credit or getting a loan sanctioned isn’t a cakewalk, because it requires thorough research with a correct and complete understanding of the offered loan. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to ascertain your home loan eligibility before applying for a home loan.

What is home loan Eligibility?

Home loan eligibility may be a term that signifies what proportion loan amount you’ll get to possess a house and whether you’re eligible for a loan or not. There are certain factors to be considered to determine your home loan eligibility that include the applicant’s age, income, quite employment and property, credit score, and many of more.

Home Loan Eligibility Calculator:

The home loan eligibility calculator is a web tool that gives an estimate of the loan amount which can be availed. Before applying for a home loan, knowing the quantity you’re eligible for help in increasing the likelihood of authorization. The calculator provides results instantly on the premise of the income and repayment capacity, which is assessed using details like fixed monthly obligations, age, etc. However, before approving a loan request, lending institutions consider many other factors, like credit score, financial position, etc.

How is Your home loan Eligibility is Calculated?

The banks will lend you merely such a lot money that you simply can repay. While deciding your loan eligibility, the banks would consider if you’ll pay the EMI. Banks have a threshold for Fixed Obligations to Income Ratio (FOIR). the concept is that your fixed obligations for the month (all the EMIs including for the loan under consideration) must not exceed a specific percentage of your net earnings.

FOIR = Fixed Obligations ÷ net

Each bank may have a definite threshold. It can range from 40% to 50%. The banks won’t provide you with a loan whose EMI breaches the sting percentage of your net monthly income. So, if your net monthly income is Rs 50,000 and FOIR is 50%, you'll not get a loan whose EMI is sort of Rs 25,000 per month.

You may produce other fixed obligations too just like the house rent. If the bank considers rent as a group obligation, then the edge is usually a touch higher.

Factors that Help in Enhancing Your home loan Eligibility:

·         Good Repayment History

·         Stable Financial Past

·         No Loans or credit card dues

·         A credit score above 750

·         Regular income

·         Working Spouse as a Co-applicant

·         Less Credit Utilization Ratio

·         Fewer Dependents

There are quite few ways to increase your home loan eligibility. Anybody or a mix of these methods can assist you to enhance your overall home loan eligibility significantly:

1.      Increase Your Income: Clearly, this is often the foremost obvious answer, perhaps not the only. The additional cash you create, the greater goes to be your loan eligibility. If you've got income-generating assets, you’ll put them to use. for instance, if you’ve got a second house but it’s not on rent, you’ll consider putting that house on rent. By the way, this income must show in your tax returns too.

2.      Opt for Longer Tenure: Whenever you increase the loan tenure, there’s a rise in your home loan eligibility as there’s an inclination that the lender will get to know that you simply have tons longer to re-pay the loan. So, the prospect of on-time loan repayment increases. Loans with longer tenure give the additional time to the borrower to repay it, resulting in timely payment and reducing the danger of the lender.

3.      Pay Off Existing Loans: Paying off all existing loans can help improve your chances of getting the loan sanctioned. confirm you haven’t any existing loans or debts once you apply for the loan. Pay off your personal or vehicle loan also as your credit card debts, before you begin the appliance process. If you tend to use your credit card regularly, make it a habit to repay your entire credit card debt on a timely basis, so as that you simply don’t got to pay any interest on your credit card expenses. Borrowers who are debt-free while applying for home loans are more likely to urge the loan passed.

4.      Record Your Variable Pay: differently to increase your eligibility for a home loan is by providing proof of your variable pay alongside your income documents. Many companies provide monthly incentives and year-end bonuses to their employees, which can increase their annual income considerably. this is often mentioned as variable pay. Lenders take your variable pay into account while calculating your loan eligibility so you would like to take care of a record of it.

5.      Improve Your Credit Scores: All lenders consider your credit scores while assessing your home loan eligibility criteria and wish you to provide your credit scores. you sometimes need credit many 750 to eligible for the loan. If your credit score is a smaller amount than 750, your loan is usually rejected. you’ll improve your credit scores by paying off all existing loans maintaining a credit utilization ratio of only 30% of the spending limit set against your credit card. Also, pay off all EMI and credit debts on time. Good credit repayment behavior can increase your loan eligibility to an honest extent.

6.      Go for Joint Home Loan: one among the only ways to reinforce your house loan eligibility is to use a joint home loan. Applying for the loan with another applicant, who is used and should show a monthly income, can increase your chance of getting the loan passed to a greater extent. once you select a joint loan, the lender considers the income of both applicants. you furthermore may receive a far better loan amount.

7.      Do Not panic or Hurry: don't panic or hurry in applying for a home loan. Proper research and time are required before applying for a home loan. Estimate your budget, calculate your earnings or income, check your CIBIL report for errors, compare loan options, choose between fixed or floating rate of interest and choose desired interest rates with minimum additional charges before applying for a home loan.

Deciding a home loan has always been one among the toughest and largest financial decisions of ones’ life. Thus, considering these simple steps shall definitely assist you in increasing your home loan eligibility and assist you in buying a home that you simply desire.

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