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My kids came up to me asking if I save up money for them to go to college. Not knowing what to say I immediately thought about my childhood. How with just a single father raising 4 boys on a fixed income with him being disabled, never knew the sacrifices he had made for us. Granted I am not disabled, I do work all of my paychecks go to bills and that is all. While relying on the gov't for some assistance, I am behind on some of my bills. I pull overtime as much as possible to stay afloat. I am trying to give them a life that I never had, trying to be home with them as much as possible but I can't. The only time I see my kids is when they are asleep or on weekends. Every time I get a few cents I put it up for them so they know that I am trying. Seeing them upset because most of the kids at there school has all these nice things their parents buys them upsets me. Wishing I could give them some finer things in life sometimes knowing that I can't. I am just asking for help to finish paying off the house and have some money set aside for them when they go to college without being in debt forever with student loans. If you have a good heart and donate even it is a little bit just know it is greatly appreciated from a love and caring father.

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