Holding on to Hope

Holding on to Hope

From Candice Keenon

Hoping for a second chance at life, my Mother needs to have a very invasive surgery to replace a vertebra in her back.

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My mother, Tracy Keenon was in a horrible car accident on 2/21/11. She shattered her L1 vertebra, broke two ribs, sustained a concussion and ruptured a disk in her neck. She has fought the last two years to overcome these injuries and endured the pain, but she is moving backward rather than forward in her recovery. Tracy is in pain almost daily and can do none of the things she enjoys in life without pain. This has severely affected her quality of life. Her neurologist has remained conservative on his treatment plan for her until recently. He was hoping that by her wearing a brace and doing physical therapy she would heal and her pain would improve. However, that is not the case. She is in more pain now that she has been since the beginning of the healing process. Her only option now is to have surgery to replace the shattered vertebra.This is a very complicated and frightening surgery. In order to reach the vertebra to replace it, the doctor must cut her from her armpit to her hip, break two of her ribs and deflate her lung and diaphragm. She will need two specialist surgeons to perform this highly invasive surgery. Tracy will be in intensive care for at least 1 week post surgery. Tracy will not be able to return to work to sustain her current living situation or resume any activity for quite sometime. With the cost of living and medical bills, Tracy's short term disability will not be nearly enough to cover her expenses and begin to pay for all of the medical bills that will need to be paid. Insurance will cover 80% after a 4000 deductible and then Tracy will still need to pay 20% of the remaining bills and then begin physical therapy which is only covered at 60%. This is a little cry for help. I am reaching out to all of you in hope that you may be able to help even just a little. I am taking two weeks of unpaid leave from work to be with her and will be struggling to pay my own bills let alone help her financially. If you can help, please do.. she will be so grateful. If you cannot help, prayers for her safety during the procedure and a quick recovery are always needed. Thank you!

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