Highest paying Affiliate Programs

Highest paying Affiliate Programs

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Highest paying Affiliate Programs in 2022

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is also termed as cost per sale. It is the process to make money as a commission through Advertising and promoting products of other brands or companies. For example, if you find a product of your choice you will promote it to other people and earn money as profit for each sale you make. 

It is a very simple modal.  On one side you have a client and on another hand, you have the company or store and sailing product as an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer, it is your job to curate a list of products in a given niche and do everything you can to sell them. This might mean writing reviews, it might mean creating user guides, it might mean advertising, and so forth. If you want to be successful you have to build a website, you will select the niche/domain of your interest. You need to keep your site updated to earn more money. 

High Paying Affiliate Programs 2023:

Here we are listing some high paying affiliate programs to make money through commissions based on sales: 


Also provides email marketing services. However, SendInBlue now provides a lot of features and offers such as LSS campaigns, more efficient mail tracking, and popups ads so clients have more traffic to SendInBlue. 

SendInBlue stands out for high-paying its customers so if you recommend it to someone and that person signs up to SendInBlue you will earn €5 as a bonus and if that person makes a paid subscription then you will have a €100 commission. It is one of the best affiliate programs. 


This program is used by bloggers, influencers, and other businesses to create email automation. For big0name e-commerce it is also a good option. You will get a 20% recurring commission. On every 1st of the month, your commissions get approved and on the 2nd of each month, you will receive your payment. It depends on the day when you clock the referral link it could be around 30 to 60 days after your referral link receives. Convert Kit has a demo version, you can’t get paid unless the demo user ends the paid version. 


 if you put a popping-out Aweber review on your blog then via your referral ID audience will subscript Aweber.  Aweber will give you a 30% commission each month on a subscription through referral. If you are a beginner it will be best for you due to being easy to handle. 

You can make your ads and write articles from Aweber so you can easily promote. You will also get notifications through email and your affiliate dashboard.  Moreover, you will receive updates on Aweber’s affiliate's newest trends. 

 eind of a game. For example, you will receive a 20% discount on each converted recommendation. This 20% discount will convert into 25% when you bring referrals of 100$ per month. And if you ring up more than 2000$ per month your commission will hit 30%. This is one of the best affiliate programs that pay you the best. 


It is another best affiliate program that will pay you a good amount. It is an eCommerce automation program that is mostly used by Vloggers and bloggers.  You can get a 30% discount on signing up by recommending MailerLite and more discounts after purchasing. It has an LSS campaign, Photo editor and you can use it for mail marketing. 

Owing to its drag-and-drop newsletter editor, LSS campaign features, and inbuilt photo editor, it is on the other side used by startups for mail marketing.

Recommending Mailer Lite, you get a 30% discount on every first signup and future continuous purchases after. Yet you have to make 120$ on your dashboard to start monthly payments. 

 Jungle Scout:

It is another best affiliate platform where you can launch and sell the products of Amazon. If you are a beginner or just started an amazon business this platform offers a key to handle all amazon activities in one place. This affiliate platform will give you a pretty amount of commission when you send a customer to them. You can choose to have $150 per referral or you want 100% of the purchase amount in the starting month. You can easily join this affiliate program. You can easily promote the materials immediately and if you need any help you can have a manager to support you and guide you. 


You can build your Website for business and personal purposes on Wix. Recently, Wix has become a well-known alternative to WordPress. This platform makes everything easy and simple and provides you with amazing, well-designed templates to build the site.  If you have less knowledge in coding this platform is good for you. Wix affiliate program will offer you $100 for every premium user-driven by you. It has one-month cookie life and when the user has finished their 14-day trial afterward referrals would be qualified. 

Final thought

If you are an expert in your niche as a blogger you can influence your community via  affiliate marketing Magazine. You can build trust with your customers and can enhance the rate of purchase and recommendation. That’s why I always choose the right brands to promote and the right platform to work with as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a simple and easy way to make passive income. We hope this article will guide you to choose the Best Affiliate Program for you.

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