Heroic Militia trip to take back Tibet

Heroic Militia trip to take back Tibet

From Ken Comben

The 2021 war for heroics & Tibet

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The utility of the Western man is fading. Locked in cubicles and att*cked from all angles by endocrine disrupting chemicals in our food and water supply, we are becoming pacifistic and docile, engaged in a steady decline into obscurity. We cannot rely on our Kings to give us opportunities to participate in great expeditions or the human spirit, because our kings are de*d, our forefathers didn’t see it coming, or actively betrayed us. We must rely on ourselves, to CREATE utility. To TEAR upwards, out of the abyss of uselessness.

Tibet, a free world of free people, is captured. Ch*nese tourists pay c*rrupt officials to watch and laugh at customs and traditions, sucking the life and soul out of the last bastion of a traditional culture. Tibet is our utility. While there are many righteous causes, Tibet already has the support of many and the media exposure will be the highest. They say “Free Tibet” - to which we say, “ok!” 

We are asking for financing for a troupe of 1000 men to engage in a potential su*cide mission to engage in armed w*rfare against the Chin*se, so that we may draw attention to their plight whilst carving out for ourselves a place in a history that thinks our time to be ended. This will go down as the ultimate defiant act of the 21st century and will reinstate and AWAKEN the fire of the masculine soul, of the dwindling Faustian spirit that lays dormant in the cubicle monkeys who watch our great acts from their televisions at home. We may perish, or we may be joined by so many seekers of adventure that we WIN. The result matters not, only the action.

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