Hero’s against heroin

Hero’s against heroin

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We raise money to assist addicts get their lives back we use the money to help them establish housing and we give them the education to be able to maintain their bills as well as working with various treatment facilities

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We all know some one who has been affected by heroin.. it’s an all too common occurrence that must be stopped!!  I have personally been effected by this terrible drug by losing my brother the night of my birthday 8 years ago as well as my best friend of 20 years which happened just about 2 years ago.

My brother was a military veteran who went through more in his short life than most people go through in 80 years.  He went to war at just 20 years old and missed out on a lot of things kids his age should be doing and enjoying like watching his first child be born while he was deployed. When he came home for good a lot had changed he spiraled out of control into a deep dark depression that unfortunately I wasn’t able to pull him out of although I tried with every ounce of my being unfortunately no one had the ability to help him. He left behind a wife and 2 baby girls at just 26 years old.

After the recent death of my closest friend that was like a brother to me after he was given pills that were pure fentanyl, I decided that if I can help just one person by giving them any sort of resource shelter food anything to help them work towards a sober tomorrow I will do it. Even if it’s just my words that help save some one from the evil grips of this drug than i am doing what I should be doing everyone deserves to enjoy life and if I can be apart of that than I will continue to enjoy it with them. 

Thanks for reading i hope this helps at least one person. Have a great day.

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