Here are some Car Maintenance Tips

Here are some Car Maintenance Tips

From Ahmad Reese

Objectives: 1. How to know what pressure my tires should be? 2. When to replace wiper blades. 3. How often to replace my engine oil. 4. What to do if my vehicle overheats? 5. When to replace the brake pads.

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1. How to know what pressure my tires should be?

Tire pressure is determined with the below factors:

• Size and weight of the car.

• Type of tires used.

• The amount of load it holds.

• The terrain the vehicle is driven.

Car manufacturers place tire inflation placards in each car that give the correct tire pressures for the

specific vehicle. The banner is located in the glove box, fuel-filler, or the driver's side doors

(depending upon manufacturer).

2. When to replace wiper blades

For vehicles which are parked inside, it is recommended that the wiper blades are changed at least every once a year or when you start getting streaks on your screen, for vehicles that are parked outside or cases where the wipers are excessively used it is advised to change the blades minimum twice a year.[Note - The tips are powered by Honda Brake Service Company] 

3. How often to replace engine oil

It is advisable to regularly scheduled oil and filters replacement to increase your engine lifespan even if your car has not reached the recommended km it still needs a trip to the garage for a check at least every 6 months. For new vehicles its recommended to replace filter and oil in intervals of 7,500 km other manufacturers recommend intervals of 10,000 to 15,000 km under normal operating conditions. Short trips, Driving in traffic, driving on loose surface roads are extreme weather conditions can cause impurities to quickly build up in the oil, resulting in increased wear and tear on internal parts. 

4. What to do if my vehicle overheats? 

When driving on a highway at average speed if your vehicle begins to overheat, you should turn off the air conditioner/ heater, pullover and switch off the engine immediately. Odds are there is a problem in the cooling system it may be that the coolant is low, or possibly drive belt or burst hose. Once you have parked on the road shoulder, you can open the engine hood and leave the engine to cool down for 20 minutes. DO NOT attempt to open the radiator cap while the engine is on, only when the radiator cap is cold - If there is no physical damage, you may add a coolant or water mixture to the radiator and drive the vehicle slowly to your nearest service center.

5. When to replace the brake pads

Once brakes begin to make a grinding or squealing sound as you step on the pedal, you need to replace the brake pads. Brakes should not make any noise; Even if the actual problem is minor, the only safe assumption is this one: noisy brakes are unsafe brakes. If your brakes are making noise, it is essential to get them serviced right away.

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