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We greatly appreciate your donation, and it will be immediately used to save and preserve the lives of civilians and children.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Due to the current situation in Ukraine caused by the Russian invasion, we are compelled to apply for your help and support to save human rights and, above all preserve the life of civilians not only in our country but also to pursue peaceful life in Europe and the United States. - Together, we are stronger against the Red Square’s Plague.

We, the International Charitable Foundation “Martial Arts Against Drug Addiction and Juvenile Delinquency” based in Kiev, registered in July 1997 and Non-Commercial Organization called “Professional Association of Martial Arts” are working together as hard as we can to provide medicines, food and items of first necessity to support and help civilians, refugees, and orphans to survive.

Ever since the Charitable Foundation had been established by Andrew Chistov, the first coach of Vladimir Klichko, the present Mayor of Kyiv, our team has been hosting events, raising money to help, support and bring awareness about children, teenagers and their parents who are fighting against drugs and its distribution among young people in order to save the healthy nation. But today…

We are currently fighting against hunger, diseases, people’s fear, panic of hopelessness, crowd psychosis during the howling of sirens and shelling, while people are losing their last composure and horror seizes them devouring their consciousness and last hope. Notwithstanding we’re still fighting. However it is very difficult for all of us without your Compassion. Support. Understanding. Donation.That is why we are asking for your help.

STAY with US! There is an urgent necessity for many essential products for the civil people’s survival. We urgently need your assistance and help to defense our children and those who are ready to protect their free future.

Below is the list emergency items that we are willing to provide:

Beds of any type; Mattresses, pillows, blankets; Clothing,underwear, hats, t-shirts; Canned food, semi-cooked products in jars; Bottled drinking water; Goods for children, Dry food; Milk; Food for animals; Medical dressing materials, first-aid materials.

We are very grateful that many organizations and charities from all over the world provide humanitarian support and cash donation to our Foundation and country. Our organization has been International charitable organization since 1997 and had always been able to help quickly when it was needed. Your support for us will have an immediate and significant impact. With your help, our organization can feed families who lost everything during and after the war, help restore our house, our street, our village, our town, our city, our district, our country!

We greatly appreciate your donation, and it will be immediately used to save and preserve the lives of civilians and children.

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