A car to save Ron and Andrea from tragedy

A car to save Ron and Andrea from tragedy

From Deleted User

I am trying to help raise money to help my friends with a down payment of a decent car. The also had to go without insurance for medical for a month and need help with medications.

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My best friends are normally a fun-loving, self-sufficient couple in their late 50's, with an independent and spirited nature that makes me forget that they're actually both disabled. Now after a "series of unfortunate events", completely out of their control and through no fault of their own, they find themselves in a dire situation which they need help to overcome immediately or there could be serious consequences.

It started a month ago with horrific car wreck caused by an uninsured driver when he passed out at the wheel doing highway speeds and hit their parked vehicle from behind, leaving both of them and their half grown dog bashed and battered, but thankfully alive. However the impact totaled their car, and knocked them into several other cars, bumper car style, broke all the windows, set off the airbags and threw Ron into the back seat in Andrea's lap. Miraculously they walked away with only minor injuries, whiplash and broken ribs, as did the 11 other people involved, their dog and even the driver whose full-size work van crashed into a telephone pole after hitting them. There were definitely Angels at work that day, and as bad as things have gotten since, we are very grateful for that and haven't lost sight of the fact that we are blessed to have Ron and Andrea and their dog Izzy still with us.

But facts are facts. Since the driver was uninsured and they didn't have comprehensive/collision or uninsured motorist coverage of their own, they went from having reliable transportation one minute, to being on foot the next

This would be a major blow for anyone, but it's especially difficult for Ron and Andrea, since they are both disabled with several serious medical problems between them, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer in remission, that require regular doctor and pharmacy trips in order to maintain their health

Even worse, Ron learned the same day that his medical insurance lapsed because his mail had been returned for reasons unknown, causing them to cancel his coverage. The cost of his medicine needed to keep him alive until his next money or insurance could be reinstated was quoted at $1200. And we are talking about insulin, blood pressure medications, pills to prevent heart attack and strokes, both of which Ron's vulnerable to; some very expensive, some having serious consequences for missed doses, and not a one could he get. To add insult to injury, the hospital visit after the wreck wasn't covered either, but instead was now a several thousand dollar bill. But that is the least of his concerns now.

Over the years, I have watched Ron and Andrea quietly and consistently helping others, with anything that comes to their attention, whether it's small or large, even if they barely know the person they're helping or the person appears to be undeserving, it does not matter to them. Even after some people take advantage of this from time to time, still they never hesitate to help the next person in need that comes along. It's just been a consistent part of who they are. So it's very hard to see them in such need with no one for them to turn to in their time of need, and it breaks my heart to see them suffering and for me be in a position where I am unable to help them, as they have helped me and so many others so many times over the years, more than I can count. 

That's why I'm here asking others for help on their behalf.  Normally they would not ask, normally he'd borrow his way out, but this has snowballed so quickly and badly that it's more than one person can help with a donation.

And if you cant help in that manner, then your thoughts, prayers and Shares and Likes on either or both of our campaigns (Andrea's got a page too on FB, I'll add a link shortly), will be just as appreciated., but right now the most urgent considering their health problems and the situation with the medicine. If additional monies are received over and above what is needed for their survival and financial recovery, it will be donated to others in a similar situations, most likely right here on Fundly.

Thank you in advance and thank you for your time reading this far.

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