From Nicole Victoria Thompson

I am contacting you because my family and I need your help, I have made many mistakes throughout my lifetime, however, my children and I did not and do not deserve what we have went through and what we are going through.

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Dear to whom it may concern,

 I am sharing my story to all of you because my family and I need your help, I have made many mistakes throughout my lifetime, however, my children and I did not and do not deserve what we have went through and what we are going through now. On Thursday, September 17th 2020, was the day that I was forced to do the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to do, I had to say goodbye to my three children, this was a result of a court order made by the juvenile judge in Cherokee County, Cherokee, Iowa. We had court hearing in July of 2020, for an Emergency removal, Permanency, and TPR hearing. Three different matters in one hearing, took two days to complete, however, two parties involved in this court hearing have committed perjury, fraud, duress, and they attempted to tamper with a separate witness. Amanda Ahrenstorff of The Department of Human Services out of Cherokee and O’Brien County Iowa and Kristal Phillips Assistant County Attorney of the Cherokee county, Cherokee, Iowa courthouse. These two women have violated my civil rights and my rights to a fair trial all together and the result came to be that Amanda and Kristal getting everything they wanted they convinced the judge to terminate my parental rights. 

1.) Amanda- Removed my 3 children on January 8th of 2020, 5 days before my trial home visit ended. Removing them based upon a rumor that she heard from an unreliable source, stating that my middle childs father had been spending the night at my apartment and that him and I were in a relationship. Her source turned out to be the other female that has a child from this same guy as well. I told Amanda when she stopped by my apartment to visit that the rumor wasn’t true, I was even the one that brought it up, after I had told Amanda that the rumor was not true she then stated that it didn’t matter what I told her she was going to remove my children regardless of my answer. Thinking that maybe if I just told her what she wanted to hear, that Dillion my child’s father stayed at my apartment, this attempt to give her what I knew she wanted was a fail and that day I had to watch her walk out with my children again, I admit that after she removed them I hit the highest state of depression I’ve ever been in until Thursday had hit and I had fell apart, my children mean the world to me and to work so hard on a daily basis to be the best mom that I could be for my children despite  all the hard work and progress I had accomplished I still had to watch my children be taken off of a mere rumor and suspicion of me allowing the wrong people around my children, I don’t know anyone in this entire world that WOULDN’T fall apart. Then I was eventually served by the Sheriffs Department of Cherokee County Iowa, during a visit with my children, Termination of Parental Rights Paperwork. Amandaand Kristal were then seeking the only thing they have ever truly wanted for my children and I, NOT reunification, NOT for my family to be together, BUT for the relationship between my children and I to be over FOREVER.. During my entire case I have struggled, nothing has ever been enough no matter what I did Amanda and Kristal always looked for any little thing that I might have done wrong anything at all. When my children were placed out of my home at any point or time in either case, Amanda had hardly anything to do with me besides contacting me almost every month to every other month just to tell me where and when to go take a drug test, however, when my kids were home we constantly seen her from once to twice a week. My children have always been frightened of her because they knew that she was the one that always took them away from their mommy when they didn’t want to go. Amanda has lied on reports, on the stand to the courts and she has tampered with the results of my drug tests and she has made it to where she just doesn’t post the results of my tests to my case. From the beginning when I met Amanda Ahrenstorff she has had me do every possible thing she could make me do and anything that she could possibly recommend, she would recommend it to me. She pushed and pushed but no matter how hard she pushed, I pushed back, I did everything that was asked of me. YES, I HAVE made a couple mistakes especially during the beginning of my first case, but I just needed time I wasn’t ready to be an adult yet, but that was also almost 5 years ago and I still am put down, judged, and criticized to the maximum extent possible on THE MOST RECENT court reports as I was 5 years ago. Even for events that happened before I was involved with the Department, and EVEN BEFORE I had my first child. How am I EVER supposed to move forward or grow as a person or as a mother if they will not let me separate from my past. If you read the reports, you WILL NOT see a mother that merely loves her children, you wouldn’t even want to hear me out or give me the time of day if you read the reports, she, well… they make me out to be such a terrible person. I have experienced the worse treatment possible from the Department of Human Services and juvenile court system, my children have suffered tremendously their entire lives and all we’ve ever wanted was to be a family. Now we don’t even know if this will ever be a possibility.. 

2.) When Amanda removed my kids in January on 2020 I told her that if I lost my children forever that I wouldn’t be able to live life anymore without them, I told her I would end my own life. Walking away from me and opening my door to leave my apartment Amanda’s response to me stating this was her snickering and saying with a smirk on her face, “Well Nicole, I really hope you don’t do that.” And She left to go pick my children up from daycare and take them back to foster care. I messaged her multiple times that same week but DID NOT hear anything back until the week after and all she messaged was a time and date and location of where to submit my next drug test. 

3.) During the court proceeding that was supposed to be regarding all 3 matters, the Emergency removal hearing, the Permanency hearing, and the Termination of Parental Rights hearing my attorney and I proved without a doubt that the reason my children were removed on January 8th of 2020 was not true and that the removal should not have happened. Yet here I am sitting without my children.. waiting for a miracle to happen and hoping that someone will hear me out and hoping that someone will do the right thing and see the wrong that has been done towards my family and I, so my children can be returned back to the home they want to be in and back in their mother’s arms where they belong. Waiting for an appeal to hopefully go through. 

4.) During the court hearing not only did they commit perjury and lied but they also attempted to tamper with a witness. Right before Dillion L. my daughters father was about to be called to the stand, during the last recess, Kristal Phillips, assistant county attorney walked up to Dillion’s attorney and told him that if Dillion testifies at all that he would never see the light of day again that she would make sure that he would face most of his life behind bars for charges regarding other charges of Dillion’s pending and prior charges that didn’t even pertain to anything in this juvenile case regarding my kids. Despite the threat made towards Dillion and against his attorney’s legal advice Dillion still got on the stand and testified that day and he testified telling the entire truth, sacrificing his entire life for my children and I because he knows the difference between right and wrong, he knows that PERJURY is a CRIME! UNLIKE AMANDA AHRENSTORFF AND UNLIKE KRISTAL PHILLIPS. 




Nicole Thompson mother of K.S., S.T., A.t.

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