Helping with Hurdles

Helping with Hurdles

From Nash CL

I’m raising funds to address basic expenses of my international move including visa application fees and shipping items from the U.S. such as my specialized library.

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Help Me with My Hurdles

Below, I detail the first hurdle I had to overcome – deciding where to live! I'm sharing how I overcame that hurdle, and I also detail the next three hurdles I have to overcome: 1) finances by Nov 1 - $1,000; 2) securing items from the U.S. by Dec 1  – $3,000; 3) paying the fees for the extended stay visa and to start my non-profit (Think Tank) by Dec 31 - $1,000.

Hurdle #1 – Where Do I Live?

I was slated to work with a group teaching philosophy in the prisons in the UK. I began speaking at national conferences to become part of that discourse. I spoke at a conference in Nashville, TN and the other in Umea Sweden. But when I got to Edinburgh, the group went on hiatus! In addition, Edinburgh University indicated they would love me to come as a Visiting Scholar, but the person with whom I was  to work was overwhelmed and unable to support the project.

Crossroads – How I Resolved Hurdle #1

Working as a Visiting Scholar is key during my time here. That provides me with support in getting my work published and gaining an audience for my lectures. Ever the optimist, I prayed and presented a different proposal. It deals with nationalism and theological adherents to this type of discourse. We’ve seen how nationalism functions in the US. through populist rhetoric. But it has also become part of a vitriol which increases xenophobia. This has led to hate crimes, State actors shooting people in cold blood because of a xenophobic response to immigrants and even citizens of the U.S., and on and on. This project would allow me to look at international trends in this type of movement and then present policy papers in the U.S., the U.K. and other countries to encourage ways we can return to a healthier dialogue.

A university in England invited me to apply to become a Visiting Scholar at their university. I would get support with publishing my work, get a shared office, and become part of their department. Their offer to help with my grant support would allow me to start getting funding next spring. I moved in faith to an area outside of Leeds, England. I am now positioned to accomplish what I came here to do!

Hurdle #2 – Finances – by Nov 1st  

Although I was assured of work prior to my arrival, my ability to move forward with those offers is dependent on first having the visa secured. I knew the client I worked for over the summer was paying enough for me to pay for my responsibilities November. But .. they didn’t pay! Hmmm .. Now what will we do?  

Crossroads – Resolving Hurdle #2

I picked up a new client (yeah!) They pay monthly – my December bills will be paid on time! I have also realized, painfully, that I need to have a couple of income streams in order to never be stranded again by one client. This month, I desperately need help shoring up finances. First, I need to pay the basics before November 1st.

Hurdle #3 – Shipping by Dec 1st

After that, I need to ship my library from the U.S. – many books are simply not available here. It’s actually cheaper to ship what I have than it is to repurchase. The place where I’m living was chosen because it's just large enough to house my library. The price is actually about half what it would cost in the city itself – so it’s a bargain.

Hurdle #3 – Resolving Hurdle #3

I need $3,000 by December 1st to ship my items. My resolution to this is to work hard to earn enough to pay expenses, pay for the extended stay visa and pay for the shipping. I finally realized I am quickly drowning with work goals and swimming upstream trying to get enough funds. I need to accomplish this while also conducting the research and meeting goals for publishing. I need your help to get there!

Hurdle #4 – Fees for Visa and Creating a Nonprofit  - Dec 31st 

My extended stay visa fee is $300. The balance of the $1,000 needed here will pay for initiating the non-profit. (Expenses include the filing fees, the license for the nonprofit business and other start-up costs.) This is quite exciting!

I’m creating a non-profit, specifically a think tank. It will be run virtually at first. I will use it to fund my salary for research and writing. I am working with different think tanks and intellectual non-profits all over the world through such groups as Fundly and Causes. The Think Tank will be announced shortly in a formal manner – most likely in early 2020.

The Think Tank will do things like support my work as I conduct research in Edinburgh, Oxford, and Birmingham England. When I conduct the research, I will study archives, but also study policies about citizenship along with other professional researchers and professors at the university. We will do things such as write research papers and publish them for NGOs (Non Government Organizations) and government (in the U.S., U.K., etc) to consider when we address the way we interface with citizens – whether they are potential citizens but currently migrants, whether they are currently citizens navigating assumptions of criminality – and how we even address crime and rehabilitation. I have already started writing some of these research papers! 

Why Do I Need You?

Simply put, I need you to accomplish the goals. I certainly jumped many hurdles to get here and even to locate housing. But I have more to accomplish - and quickly. 

I can certainly achieve this with your support. Yes, I am working hard – and will work even harder. I will be serving the local churches, but I am also working as an academic who wants to make an impact in this beautiful world of ours. By creating the Think Tank, conducting research and writing, I will address issues you see in the community that other communities grapple with throughout the world. I can make a difference with your support!

No matter the amount given, if other philanthropists see your help, they will contribute. I hope you will help!

Blessings & love,


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