Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

Helping Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

From Charles Fiesel

Helping Refugees from Ukraine in Romania since February 24th. And most recently, I have been in Ukraine helping to move supplies to areas of need with Odessa as my base.

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Native New Yorker who lives in Bucharest, Romania: Helping Refugees from Ukraine since February 24th in Romania & in Ukraine.  Before the NGO's arrived at the main train station in Bucharest (Gara de Nord), I was one of the first volunteers.   I,  along with other volunteers, paid for food, water, taxis to local places where refugees were staying.  From tampons to asthma medicine, in the first days there were very few of us who actually provided items that were needed  by refugees upon their arrival after the 9 hours train ride from the North of Romania. Since those stunningly unexpected days, I have worked in Isaccea Port on the Danube River, which is the main safe exit point for Ukrainians coming from the besieged south. I have gotten thousands of pounds of food, thousands of coloring books, pencil's and activity boards games for children in the border safety zone and coordinated the delivery of urgently need medicines inside Ukraine in areas where non-profits and NGO's are not going to. I have driven trucks when no transport was available.  Also,  I have been to Ukraine to bring urgent supplies on 2 occasions. I  have helped thousands of refugees since those first days at Gara de Nord, Bucharest.  When a gap in the system to help refugees happens ( every day), I make an effort to resolve it.  There is no pocket cash given to refugees.   Imagine a single mother with 3 children dropped off at an apartment provided for refugee mothers with at risk children (children with asthma cant stay in the tents, etc).  Is she really going to go shopping for that first night worth of food/water?  If an elderly couple arrives at 2 am at the train station, I will get them a ride to where they are going..... What about kids who arrived without winter hats because they were in such a rush to escape:  I got them hats.  Whatever the gap or or need,  I sought and continue to make the effort to resolve it.  I have sponsored my own activities with help from a few friends. I am not sponsored and I need financial help .  I am writing this before I leave Bucharest for my next  trip inside Ukraine.  I am grateful for your support.   I have been interviewed on CNN and variety of news stations.  Here is a link to a broadcast in South Korea  that I was interviewed for( In the pics slider above it is the last one),  It is in Korean, but there are three segments where I speak in English with Korean Subtitles and you can hear me talk about the border crossing.  Also, In the photo with the 2 trucks moving supplies across the border, I am the guy with the NYPD shirt on.  Also,  In one of the pics, I am standing with Romania's Senator Nicoleta Pauliuc, President, Committee on Defense and National Security.

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