A car for Ukrainian war zone missionaries

A car for Ukrainian war zone missionaries

From Margarita Axel Roubaud

I'm raising funds to buy a car for my Ukrainian friends so that they could continue taking care of neglected children in this war area & assure charitable activities. Please, support my campaign and share w/your friends!

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Dear friends,

I invite you to join me in this little adventure, which is for those who want to make this world a little better. I am a mother of 4 and cannot stay indifferent to children’s needs.

When I met Yana on Fb in May’2020 I was deeply touched by her heart towards neglected children in the war zone in Ukraine: she and her husband Alexey are taking great care of children semi-abandoned by their parents who are living under the pressure of terrible circumstances and find their refuge in alcohol or depression and absolute despair…

Though living in different countries (France / Ukraine) and being quite a busy homeschooling family we consider it a joy participating with Brignichenko family in their activities that bring a real change: the "fruit" is delicious to our souls: happy children, happy faces, joy and hope in the middle of total discouragement. In spite of the circumstances, children have open and happy hearts, sensible to others, ready to come to help...They are about 70 kids at this moment, and their number is constantly growing (starting from 6 last summer).

With a local French non-profit Association, we join Yana&Alexey in their work by preparing clothes boxes and sending them with a Ukrainian transport company, participating in food provision for the needy, preparing holiday presents for children and elderly etc.. but the Association's budget is too small to provide for the family's activities in a considerable manner: this is why I considered the crowdfunding idea.


The Brignichenko (Kostenko) family prepare meals for kids, distribute clothes and other sorts of provision, take them to summer camps, organize activities in several villages, equip several houses that would welcome children, and provide care for them. And of course, their heart of Love is always open for these kids and fulfill their emotional needs (It is for the reason that the village people call Yana "the mother of 50").

Hereby I share a link so that you can check up their Fb profile to see what else they do to help those in need:


Almost none of their present activities is possible without a car: the public transport system had been poorly developed in these abandoned rural areas before the war. During the 7-year period of war, it was completely destroyed.

Their car Volkswagen Caddy (1997) served them well for many years helping to ensure multiple activities Brignichenko family organized in several villages for those in need. During the latest years, any repair of the car was becoming more and more costly to Yana&Alexey and the car has become simply dangerous to drive.

In January 2021 Alexey got into a car accident: a drunken unconscious man in the middle of the night road… He was not hurt, Alexey miraculously got out of the accident safe… But his old and defective car was completely damaged…

The shock being away now, the Brignichenko family is still “disabled” without a car, most of their activities are on standby. The family’s income is sufficient to provide for their daily needs only. No functioning infrastructures around to provide a decent job. Besides the couple are being daily occupied to help the needy population: provide with food, wood/ coal for heating, taking care of lonely elderly people, and, of course, semi-abandoned children are their priority.

The second-hand car model chosen is Renault Kangoo. Its price on the Ukrainian cars market is around 8.000 USD.

It perfectly corresponds to the family's activities: transporting clothes and food donations for their ministry, transporting children and adults, and it will be well adapted to the country roads which are far from being perfect.

Rare are those who accept to go and help the needy in the most dangerous zone in Ukraine, putting their own lives at risk (the family have 2 children) simply by love to others.

Organizing this fundraising is a little thing I can do to encourage the Brignichenko family to continue their great job for those in need.

You can also become a part of their wonderful ministry and bring real change!

I thank you for joining me or for simply reading this story!


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