Helping Monica Smile

Helping Monica Smile

From Monica Garcia-Wilkinson

I'm raising money to get a Full Set Dental Implants. I've struggled most of my life with Bad Teeth & several things have made them worse in the last few years. After researching the options, this is the Best One for me.

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When I Was 6, my parents took me to a low income dentist for a check up. I still had my 2 front baby teeth & he thought I was too old to have them so he pulled them. Unfortunately, he pulled them out improperly so they grew in crooked. I had a few other teeth that were crooked & some overcrowding. As you can imagine, my childhood & teen years were spent being bullied & made fun of due to my teeth. As a result, I never had much self confidence. I never gave full smiles. I never felt pretty enough. And I even battled severe depression. I begged my parents for braces but we couldn't afford them so it wasn't an option. As a grownup, the lack of self confidence followed me & even got worse. I ended up in a few abusive relationships & truly felt it was the life I deserved because of my looks. I finally got into a good relationship & things were getting better. I've taken care of children for over 25 years now. I always dreamed of becoming a mom & we tried to make that dream come true. But we had 3 miscarriages & our daughter, Arianna was born sleeping at 28wks 3days in April 2010. The depression I faced after losing my babies increased each time but after losing my Ari, it became worse. I finally found a decent paying job & decided it was time to get some self confidence in honor of my sweet daughter. So I started the process of braces. I felt I looked silly as a 30 year old but I had to push through! Things were going well until I unexpectedly lost my job 5 months into treatment. I tried to do partial payments but the dentist wouldn't allow it. So they dropped me as a patient & never removed the brackets. I struggled finding a new job & bounced around to a few. But I wasn't able to get the treatments going again. Then life took a very painful & unexpected turn. I was in & out of the ER for almost 2 years with no answers. And finally in January 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian, Stage 3 Endometrial & Stage 2 Stomach Cancer at age 33. I had emergency surgery which included a Full Hysterectomy, Appendectomy & they removed part of my stomach. After I recovered from surgery, I began 35 rounds of aggressive chemo treatments. My husband & I were finally married after my diagnosis & I was a bald bride with a wig. There were photos but I never took bridal portraits because I was not only bald but I hated my smile. After I finished my chemo, I had another 25 rounds of intense radiation. Of course, because of my diagnosis, no dentist would touch me! Two years later, I began the search for a new dentist & went in for a consultation. I explained my situation. They decided to remove the brackets for me. After having them on for 6 years with no Treatments, my teeth had even more damage. From holes in some of them to problems in my gums. A few years ago I found a regular dentist & began regular care. Because of the Cancer treatments & living with Diabetes, our medical debt is ridiculously high. As I started working regularly again, we've been working on reducing our debt & catching up on bills. The Cancer returned to my stomach & I don't qualify for further treatments so I'm basically just living with it now. We have been told several times that we don't qualify for assistance because my husband's gross income is over the limit & because we have no living children. We've struggled with so much, it's been hard to get back on our feet. And my dream of having a beautiful smile was always just a dream. I've learned over the years to Focus on Making as many memories as possible with loved ones while I can. And I've tried to cross things off my Bucket List. Number One on my Bucket List has always been having a beautiful smile. I'm now 42 years old & I've never had that. I have a really amazing job now. I love taking care of children. I love my Sports Teams. I Love my husband & Miss my 4 beautiful angels every day. I have talked to several dentists & dental specialists about what my options truly are. I've gone through every detail about the good, the bad & the ugly parts of each possibility. And the best option that makes the most sense is a Full Set of Dental Implants. The Consultation & the X-rays show that my bone density is still very good & that I'm a great candidate for the Implants. There is Financing Available but because I don't have the Best credit, this would still be very expensive. I'm still willing to do anything possible to make this dream of having a beautiful smile happen. I've prayed about it & I've decided to reach out for help. The total cost of Everything including the Full Set of Dental Implants, all the appointments needed & everything it will take to get it all done is $50,000. I'm asking for help, which isn't easy. Actually posting a current photo showing my teeth is something that was extremely hard to do. But I know this dream is worth fighting for. And ANYTHING WILL HELP THAT DREAM COME TRUE! If you're able to, please give. $5, $20, $100, $1000, or any amount you're able to donate. I know it will add up & make a difference. I'd be thrilled to even raise half for a Down Payment & Finance the rest! Please share my story with others. Thank you so much! May God Bless You All!

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