YOU can help lawyers help clients pay legal fees

YOU can help lawyers help clients pay legal fees

From George M Zuganelis

I'm raising money to contact lawyers to show them an American Bar Association approved program that will help their clients pay legal fees during the pandemic shutdown.

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This program is a program that allows lawyers to offer several loan options to clients to pay their legal fees. THe benefits are that the lawyer gets his fee up front, and the client pays it off over a period of time of his choosing, up to three years. Bad credit as low as a 560 credit score is acceptable. An example is a client has a $5,000 fee, but can't pay it all at once. That limits his choice of lawyers. A member lawyer offers him/her a choice of several loans that they qualify for. The client chooses the one in which he pays $150 per month for 42 months. That allows him to spread out his obligation, and the lawyer gets his fees up front. The program is explained in a short 2 minute video at The American Bar Association approval opinion is found there, as well. High end retailers, dentists and veterinarians use similar programs. It's time lawyers had the opportunity to have a program such as this. This program gives a eliminates the possibility of a client being denied legal services.  

I am seeking enough funding to reach 10,000 solo or small firm lawyers. Those are the lawyers who deal mostly with the general public who need legal assistance. Many middle income, or poor people need the assistance of a lawyer once or twice in their lives. They may or may not have enough savings to pay a legal fee. Even if they do, this will allow a client to save his money and spread out his payments over a time of his choosing. Once approved (usually a 2 minute process after submitting the application online) the funds will be transferred into the clients bank account within 72 hours. The lawyer will be notified of this by email. 

I am seeking the amount of $50,000 to begin a direct mail campaign to 10,000 lawyers. That may seem like a lot of money, but it breaks down like this:

$40,000 to 3-D Mailings put together a campaign and mail out 10,000 packages to lawyers. Lawyers are a difficult sale, so I have to be creative to get them to open the package and read the letter. Otherwise, it will be opened by a secretary and end up in the garbage. I am using a green bank bag to use as the mailing envelope. That will result in a much higher open rate than just a plain envelope. Inside will be a letter with a fake $1,000,000 bill attached to peak further curiosity. 

$1,500 will be used to purchase a mailing list for 10,000 solo or small firm lawyers. 

$2,500 is the fee Fundly charges to raise $50,000. 

$6,000 will be used for misc and payroll.

Ideally, I would like 1,000 people donating $50 each to this program. The return will be that I will send back your investment with 5%  interest when I have had at least 1000 lawyers sign up as members to offer this program to their clients. So, for those who invest $50, you will receive $52.50 sometime in the future. 

Please read through all the material, and watch the short 2 minute video, and donate today. Thanks.

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