Helping Expats Transition

Helping Expats Transition

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Helping us to help you! Whether you are looking for, as an expat, a home, appartement, condo, health, education, insurance, vehicule, starting a business or visa, etc, We are there to help you navigate.

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Thanks to your commitment  and support you will make this timely assistance happen for Expats in their transition.

We are asking for your help because we need to support more families and individuals in their timely transition by giving them support. 

We need your help because the Expat Transition Association needs support tools to help hundreds of people and families struggling in this time of history to change their lives in a secure and meaningful way.

We need your help today to help us have all the tools needed to support a smooth transition for Expat families and individuals. To find them a home, organizing a sit down, connecting Expats with volunteer mentors, building up the online tools, creating a permanent network of professional support, ensuring quality of all information, is urgently needed to fully support Expats in their transition. 

Thank you for your thoughtful donation to the Expat Transition Association. Your donation will help make sure that Expat people in Transition will thrive in their new country. 

Whether you are looking for, as an expat, a home, appartement, condo, health, education, insurance, vehicule, understanding laws, starting a business or visa, etc, information in your new country, you will be paired with a volunteer mentor who has ample experience in your new chosen country. Our experienced volunteer mentors have been in your shoes and can provide you with answers and sound advice with regards to all world transition matters. Our volunteer mentors have learned how to successfully navigate their expat life and are more than eager to help you make your life within your new country.

Our volunteer mentors have all been right where you are. They are willing to lend a helping hand so that you may learn from their mistakes and ensure your transition from your past life to your new home as smooth as possible. Your volunteer mentor will be thoughtfully chosen with you in mind to provide you with a personalized accompanying assistance, as well as sound clinical, travel or lifestyle advice. Our volunteer mentors have traveled the country and are eager to help you make your place in the new world so you never have to transit alone.

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