Helping a Homeless Friend...

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Helping a Homeless Friend...

From Hiawatha Porter

I'm hoping to raise money for a homeless friend in NYC. I would like to help him get through the rest of this Winter by providing him with some of the things he urgently needs.

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Hello, my name is Hiawatha. I'd like to help a friend of mine whose homeless on the streets of NYC. His name is John and he's in his 40s. He's been homeless for over five years and hasn't been able to get back on his feet. At this point it's looking pretty bleak. I'm not trying to raise thousands for him. More so just trying to give him a helping hand this Winter with getting some of the things he desperately needs.

The homeless have a hard time keeping their socks clean and dry. Not to mention their underwear, no further explanation is needed. Of course food is always an issue, especially closer to the end of the month for him. I'm just doing this for him to say 'Hey we see you and we want to help'. Believe me over the years I've lectured him and honestly I feel bad because the issue of homelessness is so complicated. I'm not telling him about my fundraising efforts yet because I want to surprise him. He doesn't believe anyone wants to help a homeless man without children. So many people are out there running scams and it makes it difficult for those who are being truthful and honestly need the help. Also I don't want to give his hopes up until I know I have something to give him.

I also want to say that I'm a stay at home mom of four boys, two biological and two foster son. My husband works hard but I would never burden him to help a friend of mine. He's a 20+ year veteran Police Officer. I mentioned these things to say that  we're good and honest people and I would never do anything to jeopardize our family and home by committing fraud and being dishonest. Even a $1 donation would go a long way if multiple people were to  send the same. He'll recieve every dime. Thanks!

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