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From المصطفى سيد أحمد فال

Hand-to-Hand Campaign for the relief of the poor and the needy in light Of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in North Africa

المصطفى سيد أحمد فال

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In light of the spread of the Corona virus in North Africa,  that reflected on the lives of ordinary people in this area in which people have always suffered from fear, poverty and starvation as a result of the total absence of social justice,  widespread terrorism and difficult  economic conditions,  most of the context of precautionary measures against covid-19.

The famine spread,  and the proportion of the poor who no longer found what they eat, not to mention,  maskes and sterilizers , multiplied,  creating  the fertile environment for a pandemic spread. 

In these circumstances,  we created a hand-to-hand Campaign to help the poor and the needy by distributing  raw food,  masks and sterilizers. 

The number  of beneficiaries has reached 5000 families so far, so perhaps we have brought pleasure in the homes of these poor  people,  and we hope and even appeal  to everyone who has received this announcement to support us,  because there is no helper for these poor people in this ordeal except God Almighty and you.

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