Help Yemen with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Bo

Help Yemen with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Bo

From Josh Wilczek

A while ago, I shared what little I knew about Yemen on my socials. A historically rich and diverse landscape many of us can only dream of seeing. The birthplace of my grandparents and their ancestors.

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A while ago, I shared what little I knew about Yemen on my socials. A historically rich and diverse landscape many of us can only dream of seeing. The birthplace of my grandparents and their ancestors.

Unfortunately, Yemen has been struggling for a long time. Yemen and its people have been ravaged by war, instability, violence and senseless attacks on civilians. Children are dying of hunger and those who survive go without an education conditioned to accept violence as the norm.

The more I learnt, the more powerless and helpless I felt in the face of the sheer magnitude of the crisis. An entire nation is crying out for help... What can one person do? Then I realised I'm not just one person. I have a community of friends and family. People who'd like to give but might not know how or where.

Thankfully I connected with MSF and was lucky enough to learn of their efforts in Yemen and this fundraiser was born. Be it $5 or $50, if we come together I know we can collectively make a difference.

Donating is really simple and secure. The money will go directly to Médecins Sans Frontières for their efforts in Yemen. Read about their work in Yemen here:

 and more about their current efforts below:


MSF has put in place measures to keep staff and patients safe in our existing projects across 13 governorates, while ensuring the continuation of life-saving activities in the existing hospitals we work in and helping prepare hospitals to receive COVID-19 cases.

In Sana’a, we are supporting two hospitals. At the Sheikh Zayyed Hospital, where we were already providing training and donations, we have now started triage, IPD (20 beds, expandable) and ICU departments (6 beds, expandable). At Al-Kuwait we are offering a full package of hands-on support to the Ministry of Health, including treating the most severely ill patients in the 15-bed intensive care unit, as well as the large inpatient department.

In Aden, MSF was running COVID-19 treatment centres at Al Amal and Al Gamhuriah hospitals. In light of the continuing reduction in the number of admissions to the two MSF COVID-19 treatment centres in Aden, we have taken a decision to combine activities in Al Gamhuriah hospital. The local health authorities remain in charge of the overall COVID-19 response in Aden, e.g. testing & running rapid response teams.

In Haydan and Khamer, we have set up COVID-19 treatment centres to take care of moderate cases and have begun admitting small numbers of patients with symptoms that resemble those of COVID-19.

In Hajjah Governorate, we are helping with preventive measures in hospitals, including the set-up of screening points for patients and support to set up an isolation unit in Abs hospital, as well as training of staff on symptoms and case definition, case management and IPC. In the MSF-supported Al Gumhouri Hospital (Hajjah city), the referral facility for the governorate, our teams supported setting-up a COVID-19 isolation centre.

In Ibb governorate MSF supported the MoH in Al Sahul COVID-19 treatment centre, which opened on 11 June, and since 13 June started to receive patients. Our team conducted a 5-day training for 234 medical and non-medical staff in the facility. The team assists with technical support, triage/screening set up, facility management including workforce planning, waste management. The teams put in place infection, prevention and control (IPC) measures and provided sessions, including for health promotion, for MoH and MSF staff, and for private carers.


Here are also some articles and a video that our teams on the ground have put together based on what they've witnessed:

"The catastrophe we all feared is here": What it is like to treat COVID-19 in Aden:

In Aden's only COVID-19 treatment centre, we are seeing a catastrophe unfold:

Struggling to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in Aden, Yemen:

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