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Uganda Rockstar Writers!

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From Uganda Rockstar Writers!

We are raising air travel money so three gifted and remarkable women writers can travel from Uganda to attend the Cape Cod Story Summit this October.

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About The Team

We love these three women - Rosette Kyakyo, Sylvia Nalubega, and Rebecca Cherop - writer-educators and social activists. They are making a difference in their community of Uganda with their writing!

Through the help of Story Summit Fellowships provided by mentors and writers,  Amy Ferris, Debra Engle, and Jeff Arch, the three Uganda writers have their tuitions taken care for the Cape Cod Story Summit this October.

But airfare from Uganda to Boston is stiill a financial challenge at $1500 for a round trip ticket. So our team has come together to raise funds for them to be able to get to the Summit.

Rosette Kyakyo is a team leader at Slum Youth Rehabilitation and Development Organization. Rosette works with youth in different life skills to promote their socio-economic development. Rosette uses writing and story to transform and cause developmental change.

Writer Sylvia Nalubega is a team leader at Shadows of a child, a non profit that works with rural children and youth in Uganda. Sylvia is developing a writers’ program called Beautiful Words for school children. “I am dedicated to helping emerging writers to share, publish, and earn from their work,” says Sylvia. She has published two novels : Remember Me and Centre One.

Rebecca Cherop is a mental health advocate with a passion for women and children. The author of Gracefully Mended- a memoir on finding hope in the detours of Life, Rebecca is also the founder of The Semicolon Nation, an organization that focuses on empowering communities on mental health issues. “Sometimes to heal our minds, we need to re-evaluate, relax and then, reboot,” says Rebecca. “A semicolon is a pause in a sentence, not the end of one.”

To read more about their incredible journey, please have a read of the Medium Story.

We appreciate any help to fly these three dedicated women so they can become  stronger and even better writers to effect social change in Uganda!

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We believe in imagination.

From the beginning, it was always the word. Through the unique ability to imagine and connect to one another through words, humankind stepped into greatness.

We know story changes lives.

Had it not been for Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, our hearts may never have known compassion for the poor.

We know story activates positive social change.

Had it not been for  Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, there may have never have been a civil rights movement.

We have watched story transform community.

Had it not been for Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, A Ghost Story, there may never have been the charitable component associated with the holiday.

We believe in encouraging the storyteller.

We need one another. Had Ernest Hemingway not encouraged J.D. Salinger, there may never have been The Catcher in the Rye

We are committed to helping storytellers find their audience.

The writer’s life can be lonely, so it is important to connect them with professionals who can support them in their storytelling and a lifetime of stories.


We see people, not writers. We are inspired by their passion and their willingness to give themselves up for their story.

We see equal value in all writers. We are dedicated to improving the lives of every storyteller we work with.

We build partnerships around the world with like-minded dreamers interested in building a better tomorrow through the future of storytelling.


The Mission of the Storyteller Foundation is to elevate the human experience through stories that inspire and encourage.

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