Help Women in West Africa

Help Women in West Africa

From Cindy Brook

Beyond Conquerors helps to fight against poverty, abuse and prostitution by working with the needy in Africa to obtain employment.

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Beyond Conquerors Ministry (aka Beyond Conquerors, Inc.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in 2020 by Claudine McDaniel, Founder and CEO, and is lead 80% by women (4 out of 5 of the Board of Directors are women).  We are a small and growing non-profit looking to expand our operations and programs through this campaign.

Beyond Conquerors program for Women in Africa is presently within the Western African countries of Togo and Senegal.  We specifically aim to tackle addressing the financial gap by female small and growing businesses in these countries and providing assistance to women within poverty through education, sustainment for the neediest while in school and either employment with local small businesses or start-up costs for that wish to become entrepreneurs.   Within these countries, women are seen more as property than as major contributors to the society.  Over half of women do not work outside the home, and for those that are poor, there are limited options to escape poverty.

The main objective of this program is to assist those women in the poorest sectors of society that want to work, yet do not have the opportunity to do so.  Many of the training programs cost less than $5USD per month per trainee and have a duration of 24 to 48 months.  We intend to achieve our objective by:

  • Working with these women to help them discover what their dreams are (wants and desires)

  • Find out where they see themselves working (i.e., what type of job)

  • Provide them with training for job skills through established schools for trades in tailoring (seamstress), weaving, crafts (beading for jewelry, home decor, etc.), wig making, beautician, culinary arts, etc.

  • Assist those that need it with obtaining food and providing transportation to school

  • Help them either find employment or establish their own small business
  • And if they want to start their own business, provide personal initiative training (more information provided in following paragraph) and
  • Assist them with investing in their future with the capital to get started by buying any tools and supplies to achieve their dreams

In 2018, the World Bank released a study showing that those located within developing and emerging countries, such as Western African nations, benefit from personal initiative training, which is a psychological entrepreneurship training, and entrepreneurship is a major driver of the economic development in these countries.  This training equips these new entrepreneurs with a proactive mindset.  It enables them to grow their businesses and to create jobs, thereby contributing to the reduction of poverty in their countries.  As mentioned above and for this reason, we will be including personal initiative training within our program, and this will allow us to share what we know with these women to help them be successful.

Since our inception, we have successfully carried out providing the capital start-up costs for one woman to establish her own small and growing business as a seamstress in the country of Togo.  We also have financed the education, food for living and transportation costs for another woman in Togo.  Presently, we are gathering the estimated costs for training in Senegal.  In both countries, we expect to partner with local churches that will assist us with finding ladies that are at the lowest poverty level and have a desire to work and make a living for themselves.

Without supporters like you, we cannot help these women and their families. Join us in supporting these women today!

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