Help with Necessities

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Help with Necessities

From Magpie Aspen

Raising money for essentials + a few nonessentials. I escaped a trafficking situation and used all my money on that and on food and water as there was no clean food or water there. Posted under my nickname for safety.

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I'm a homeless disabled enby and have recently escaped a trafficking situation, and all of my money went to escaping that and for food/water as there was no clean food or water there. I am too disabled to work and am waiting for some tests to be done to see how much surgery I need due to a spinal injury. The money will primarily go toward essentials, there are a few nonessentials listed that I'd like if this is funded enough for me to get them. 


- Money for my phone bill for this month: the only reason I got out was because I was able to contact my friends to come get me so it's really important to me to keep my phone on

- Medication: There are meds I have to take daily to live, as well as pain relief patches I'm using to numb the spinal injury, as even valium wasn't able to help.

- Food for my dog

- A binder: my dysphoria has been so bad that I want to rip my skin off, I want to get a binder to help ease the dysphoria

- Masculine shower supplies: See reasoning above

- Sanitary supplies: my birth control causes me to have my period every day, I ran out of pads and can't afford more


- Money to use to celebrate my birthday this month, I really would like to take a break and be able to order takeout or something

- Money for a tattoo: I have had several friends pass away and would like to commemorate them with a tattoo, multiple head injuries have caused me to start forgetting their names and I want to make sure I don't forget them. One part will be incorporating the semicolon symbol, as I have survived multiple attempts myself, and will cover a self harm scar

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