Help with Medical Expenses Birth in Brazil

Help with Medical Expenses Birth in Brazil

From Jay Kelly

My partner and I have been confined in Brazil since the COVID crisis. She is pregnant and we are fundraising for a team of mid-wives so that my partner can deliver vaginally and that we can be together during the birth.

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Dear Fundly,

My partner and I are looking to bring a beautiful baby boy into this world

My partner and I are in a bit of a tough position. Due to a work contract we traveled to Brazil in late February. In March Brazil closed down it's borders, we were unable to get back to the United States where we are from. Initially we believed we would be back in the United States by early June, however the travel ban was lifted later in late July. We were looking to go back to the United States but Adelaide is at a stage in her pregnancy where both moving and sitting are quite difficult. To compound matters, anyone arriving from Brazil to the United States needs to spend a period of 14 days outside the United States before they are permitted to enter. This option is not feasible for us due to Adelaide's current condition instead we have decided to give birth in Brazil.

However we have encountered issues with this approach we have found difficulties in finding a doctor to deliver naturally. All the doctors we spoke to only perform cesarean sections which are scheduled by appointment. We want to give birth vaginally it was a major concern for a period of time that we could not make this happen. After much searching we found a team of midwives at Ama Nascer who perform vaginal deliveries. However we are in a difficult position as we have to cover the cost of delivery. Our insurance dropped Adelaide when they found out she was out of the country. Additionally most of the revenue I made from my contract has been devoted to maintaining our room and food, after the contract expired. The other major concern with the doctors we have spoken to in Brazil, is that a many of the hospitals do not let the husband in the delivery room during delivery. We really want to be together and through the midwife team at Ama Nascer we have a guarantee this can happen alleviating our two biggest points of anxiety - mandatory c-section, and the husband not allowed in the delivery room.

Our little one is due in early October, and any help would be greatly appreciated. The funds would be used to hire the midwife team at Ama Nascer. It would allow us to have a natural birth in a safe setting without being exposed to COVID - 19, and will allow us to be together without the threat of C-Section. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts - Jay and Adelaide.

Ama Nascer is an organization in Brazil that specializes in vaginal deliveries. The rate of C-sections in Brazil is among the highest in the world, and they are becoming increasingly common giving Brazilian women little choice in the matter. In addition to birthing, the group at Ama Nascer also does outreach teaching practitioners in Brazil the principles of Natural Childbirth. Below I have posted two articles talking about the prevalence of C-sections in Brazil.'s Health Ministry has taken,reason to fear natural birth.

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