Help with Medical bills for injury and surgery

Help with Medical bills for injury and surgery

From Ebikomboere Igo

I urgently need funds to cover my back & leg treatment including surgery.As well as treatment for eyes & brain. I humbly request your assistance & generosity for living and health expenses as I work to regain my health.

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I sustained a serious injury in 2019 when heavy boxes fell on my head while at work. Unfortunately, the injury did not heal as it should have, resulting in a prolonged period of severe concussion lasting over a year. The impact of this accident extended beyond my head, affecting my neck, spine, shoulders, and back, resulting in chronic pain and discomfort. Moreover, I experienced memory loss and significant cognitive impairment due to brain trauma.

This incident occurred in my workplace, and regrettably, the necessary first aid was not administered promptly, which likely contributed to the extended recovery period. 

Furthermore, my workplace showed no willingness to take responsibility for the accident, and the workers' compensation process was rushed to dismiss my case. I was left with the difficult decision of pursuing a lawsuit, but the financial burden and concerns about my immigration status prevented me from doing so.

The repercussions of this accident have persisted, and I have recently learned that the injury has shifted downwards, affecting additional parts of my body, including my leg.

Despite these severe injuries and the immense challenges they've presented, I persevered in trying to work. As an immigrant without family support in my adopted country, I felt a deep responsibility to sustain myself and manage my medical expenses. However, my condition has worsened, and I am no longer able to work, even from home. I'm currently grappling with debilitating symptoms, including dizziness and impaired vision. Unfortunately, I can't afford the medical bills and accumulated debt, which prevents me from seeking proper diagnosis and treatment.

My situation has become dire; in addition to my health issues, I've lost my immigration status. While I await restoration of my status, I do not have access to government subsidies or assistance. The financial strain is taking a toll, and I am on the verge of homelessness despite the assistance I've received from kind-hearted individuals. While I am deeply grateful for their help, I require more substantial support.

I urgently need funds to cover my back and leg treatment, including a necessary surgery. Furthermore, I require financial assistance for basic living expenses as I work to regain my health, as well as funds for diagnosing and treating the issues with my eyes and brain.

In my current desperate situation, I would be immensely grateful for any amount of support, as every contribution, no matter how small, can help me in some way, whether it's to pay for essential utilities or contribute to my medical bills. My immediate goal is to secure $25,000, which would cover my medical expenses and basic living costs for the next few months. While this amount may not cover the entirety of my treatment, I firmly believe that once the root cause of my dizziness is identified and treated, I will be able to work and gradually cover the remaining costs.

I humbly request your assistance and generosity during this trying time. Your contributions can make a significant difference in my life, allowing me to access the necessary medical care and support to regain my health and stability. May you be blessed, and I hope that you never experience such hardship. Thank you for considering my plea for help.

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