Help With A Car!

Help With A Car!

From Savannah Belt

I am trying to get some help getting a new car. I have never done anything like this before, and honestly I doubt anything will come of this. But I feel like I have to at least try right?

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I am a 28, almost 29, year old Full Time college student and CNA. I had a little, trusty, rusty point A to point B car for a while. It ran me to and from work and school. School being an hour away. Don't judge, I enjoy the drive :)Anyway, my engine blew in my rusty bucket. Now I have to rely on my husband's car. It is tough being a one car family and it would be absolutely amazing if I could afford to get a gas efficient little sedan. I dream of driving a Mazda! Not even a fancy, new one. Like a '03-ish. I don't know much about cars.. EEK!

I am not begging, or sharing this. I don't want to ask for money or help when someone else really needs it. I am making this in case you are scrolling through looking for someone that could use a little light in their life. If you have to choose between a cancer child or me, choose the child.

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