Growing Our Compassion

Growing Our Compassion

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Our students have asked us for computer technology skills! Will you help us provide them with a dedicated classroom, laptops, learning resources, and a computer skills teacher?

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"Without this chance with the 1Humanity Computer Program, we don't have another chance to learn about computers." ~Aisha Mohammad, 1Humanity Student Leader

For our 2022 fundraiser, we asked our 60 Tanzanian students how we could best support them in the most impactful way. Their answer was quick and clear! They asked for access to computers and training on how to use them.

In this age of technology, Tanzanian students are at a significant disadvantage. There are less than 1,200 working computers available to over 1 million secondary school students attending government schools (the equivalent to U.S. public schools) in the entire country. This means that less than 0.05% of Tanzanian secondary students have access to computer technology. 

We have already begun our work, but we need your help to finish it! In July, five donated laptops were hand carried to Tanzania (there is no other way to safely get donated computers to our students). Once they arrived...our Program Manager, Warioba Nyaburere, set them up with Microsoft and created a training program tailored specifically to our students' needs. Warioba has been teaching our students twice a week by transporting the laptops in his backpack while riding on the back of a motorcycle and setting up at the school wherever he can find available space. 

So, here is what we need to do: 1) Set up a dedicated classroom where the computers can stay safely at the school and where the students have an optimal learning space. 2) Obtain 25 additional laptops so that Warioba can teach two computer classes to two groups of 30 students without them having to share computers. 3) Continue to provide internet access to the school. 4) Provide relevant books and learning materials for enhanced computer training. 5) Provide the necessary educational and training software to our students. 6) Provide a teaching salary for Warioba.

Supporting 60 students with everything they need to have computer competency skills will cost $250 per student (or just $20 a month) over the time-span of a year. And, of course, all donations of any amount help us to reach our goal! Computer literacy for our students is directly linked to increasing their future opportunities to successfully graduate from university, obtain higher paying jobs, and create positive change for their families, communities and country. Digital opportunities have a significant and far-reaching impact on increasing inclusion and reducing poverty in Tanzania.

Only with your help can we create a computer learning & resource center for our amazing and inspired students. We are asking you to join us in closing the digital divide and creating a world with more equity and global citizenship among the next generation of African leaders!

Please follow our fundraiser to meet our students through the videos they have made to share how the 1Humanity Computer Training Program has already made a positive impact!

To learn more about Global Compassion/1Humanity, please visit our website at and follow us on social media

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