Help us Save Lives in Time of Unprecedented Need

Help us Save Lives in Time of Unprecedented Need

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When our clients reach out to us they don't know where else to turn. They are facing unimaginable hardships, most of the time while pregnant. Help us, help them! You can turn a story from hopeless to hopeful!

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“I am in a super unplanned pregnancy and unsure what to do. I have an 11 year old and my daughter is almost 2. I am barely getting by with them two and if I carry I will be over my occupancy limits and have to move... requiring more money. I just don’t know how this will work.”

“I know you say don’t cry...but I’ve been trying to find help for the last 2 months and this is the first sign of relief.”

“I want to make the right decision.”

“I went to the hospital and found out I wasn’t sick, I was pregnant. I had to quit the job I had lined up because it was in a hot factory and required heavy lifting and I’m no longer capable of doing what was asked because I’ve been bleeding this entire pregnancy. I’m just scared because I don’t have much time to make a decision.”

When our clients reach out to us they’re scared, hopeless and don’t know where to turn. Many are pregnant unexpectedly, unprepared, and without support. Others are facing unimaginable hardships and need a helping hand while they try to find a way to take care of their little ones. 

Many have reached out to other organizations and weren’t able to find the help they needed. Some needed pointed in the right direction. Others just needed someone who would listen, a friend and someone to help guide them on their journey. Others were weighing their options. Some even had abortions in the past and were seeking some sort of way to find healing. One was even a single father, who had been abandoned with 5 kids. Many have lost their jobs during COVID-19 and don’t know how they’ll survive. 

Regardless of the circumstances, Human Defense Initiative has made a name for itself as a place where those who are pregnant or facing temporary hardships with little ones can turn. 

We’ve walked alongside parents across the nation through some of the toughest times of their lives. We helped them find hope, support, and the things they needed to care for their children. We’ve also helped both post-abortive parents and siblings find healing. We’ve assisted our clients with finding community resources and also helped them through material assistance (baby registries, food/diaper/clothing drives). We’ve even helped ensure children have a bed and medication. 

This year has been hard on so many and in response we have seen a tremendous amount of clients reaching out. They’re even being referred by other clients, donors, caseworkers, maternity homes, and pregnancy centers. We are blessed with the opportunity to help meet this outstanding need through our absolutely amazing supporters and donors. We couldn’t do what we do without you. You have truly stuck by us this year and we couldn’t be more thankful. 

The number one thing people don’t know about our organization is that we are 100% volunteer based. Not one of our contributors or leaders makes a penny. We do not receive any government funding, grants, or loans, nor recurring monetary donations directly to our organization. In fact, we rarely set up fundraisers because most of our time is focused on our registries and rightfully so.

That being said, this year we’ve seen that the need is rising. Parents need help and they need it now. Expecting mothers are faced with a tough decision and they need to see facts about abortion and know they have support today. Due to the outstanding need, earlier this year we launched a baby box project. This allowed us to put together boxes of baby necessities and ship them out ASAP, meeting the need quicker than ever before. We also had several donors donate gently used items so we could help more clients. 

We need to raise funds to continue spreading the truth about abortion, changing hearts and minds and saving lives through our publication as well as funds to continue meeting the material needs of our clients. 

1. Baby Box Shipping Fund 

We want to have a fund for shipping costs to send packages to families in dire need of material aid. This will allow us to have the funds on hand to meet certain needs that are time sensitive and help more clients than we’re currently able to manage registries for. COVID-19 has overwhelmed many local organizations across the nation which means we could be a client’s only hope of getting a can of formula, diapers, or food until they can get further assistance. 

2. General Fund

Our general fund will go toward the costs to maintain the design and web platforms we use to create our content (graphic designs, social media content, website) etc. to continue to spread the truth about abortion, change minds and save lives.

We’ve accomplished so much this year with your help. You’ve helped us help single moms and dads, struggling families, homeless moms, post-abortive parents and siblings who have lost a sibling to abortion. 

You have helped us help a pregnancy center after a tornado devastated the town and all 40 residents of a senior living facility.

Thank you for standing for life. Thank you for standing beside us during this time of uncertainty. Thank you for your referrals and support. Together we change minds and hearts, save lives, and support families. Together we make a difference. All donations will go to furthering that exact mission.  

If you do not wish to give financially, you can also support us by supporting our registries or ordering our shirts or other merch.

“You are actually the reason I became pro-life. Never in a million years did I think I would say that but I read all of the articles you put up and my fiance has always been pro-life. A lot of what you put up changed my mind - mostly the quotes! I cry thinking about how I wanted to abort. It’s crazy when you actually feel a baby kick and squirm around in there. Now, I’m dumbfounded and would never support abortion again!” 

“Your post finally gave me the courage to at least tell someone [about my abortion]. I’m realizing I’m not as alone as I thought I was. You don’t make me feel shame or dirty. I didn’t know there were people like y’all out here. Maybe I’ll finally be able to forgive myself. I don’t know...maybe those are the wrong words. Just… thank you! Thank you so much!” 

“To have people/strangers that I’ve never met reach out, and send my baby, and family items we desperately needed, was by all means a true blessing. You’ve restored my faith in humanity, that there is good out there, and that God does listen.”

"Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped. You’ve made it possible for me to keep a third child.. seriously."

I want you to know how thankful I am. This sort of thing never happens for me. I barely even received gifts as a child, lol. I honestly feel so moved by all this, so inspired. So grateful. I've just never known so much selfless kindness, and generosity. What you're doing for people, it's a beautiful thing. It's not just about saving money, because many things I'd never be able to budget anyway, what you do is make dreams come true, and you make women feel valued. Keep up the good work, you and your donors are making lives better.” 

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NOTE: If you would like your donation to go to a specific part of our ministry please PM us, email us a [email protected] or note it when you make your donation. Donations through Fundly or our registries are not tax deductible. 

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