Suicide Prevention: Choose to Stay

Suicide Prevention: Choose to Stay

From Spark Technology Group, LLC

We are raising money to develop our app called, "Help." Help will track suicidal thoughts, build plans for users who have suicidal thoughts, recommend activities to deter those thoughts & have emergency rescue functions.

Spark Technology Group, LLC

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Millions of people deal with depression, mental illness and thoughts of suicide every year in the US. According to the CDC, 47,000 people died from suicide in 2017. One person dies from suicide every 11 minutes, so as I type this message and as every reader reads this, someone has taken their life. The suicide rate has risen 33% from 1999-2017 and the pace of this rise has been increasing since 2006, in correlation to the rise in social media. Suicide is the leading cause of death in youth under the age of 35. The CDC also reports that in 2017, 10.6 million adults in the US seriously thought about suicide, 3.2 million people made a plan to commit suicide and 1.4 million actually attempted suicide. 

There are 69 mobile applications available in the Apple and Google Play store that target individuals with depression and suicidal ideologies which have been downloaded over a million times. Good right? No. Actually its quite the opposite. These apps have caused more harm than good. Why? Because they have been found to contain inaccurate and nonfunctional contact information to suicide crisis prevention lines. This causes very problematic outcomes. Another vital function that these apps dont provide are direct connections to healthcare providers, physicians or counselors, the most important sources these people need who are certified, trained and prepared to deal with these very issues! How could so many developers miss the mark on this when that is the whole point in creating the app in the first place?!

Our company, Spark Technology Group, LLC., has teamed up with 6 medical professionals who have agreed to oversee our project, has decided to develop our our app to combat this issue entitled, 'Help.' We hold this project near and dear to us because we all have lost friends and loved ones to suicide. 'Help' will do what the other apps dont; track suicidal thoughts, build a plan for users who have suicidal thoughts, recommend activities to deter those thoughts, provide educational materials about the risk factors for suicide, will include emergency contact information for users support network. 'Help' will also include a one tap emergency feature for users who, after following the six suicide prevention strategies, are still overwhelmed with thoughts of taking their life. This function will at the press/tap of a button will prompt the app to immediately call one or all of the required emergency contacts saved during the signup process while simultaneously connecting with someone from the National Suicide Prevention Hotline as well as signaling local authorities and EMT professionals to report to the users location (based on GPS signal) and transport that individual to the nearest medical facility to receive treatment. 

While we do NOT intend or recommend that this or any app be used as a permanent substitute for seeking one on one medical and professional assistance. We want to provide support for those who are struggling and need immediate assistance. We believe this app will benefit our youth, our family members, our friends, loved ones and especially our military community. 

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