Help Us Out With Bubs' Medical Bills!

Help Us Out With Bubs' Medical Bills!

From Kaelyn McParland

Bubs needs a perineal urethrostomy surgery, because he has experienced multiple urinary tract blockages which are deadly for cats. This surgery isn't cheap though! I am already in debt from our first visit to the ER :(

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I took Bubs to the emergency vet Tuesday night, because he didn't seem right. We discovered that he had a urinary blockage as well as signs of bacterial infection or a UTI, formed by a build up of sand-like minerals in the bladder. Without being able to expel any toxins, it becomes deadly because it begins to affect the kidneys. The vet suggested I get this surgery right away, but quoted it at about $3500. I signed up for a CareCredit credit card on the spot, but I was only approved for $750. I simply wasn't financially prepared for this. The other option was to just unblock him, so we decided on that for the time being - which still came out to $1200. That cost was just to get him x-rays, blood work, flushed out and antibiotics. I decided to go through with the appointment I made with my regular vet the next morning, because I stayed awake most of the night and it seemed as though he was still blocked. It was suggested that he gets flushed out again, but that was quoted at another $722 which I simply didn't have. I just bought him pain medicine, had his urinalysis sent out and got him some special prescription food. I kept a close eye on him all day Wednesday and realized that he was getting bad again - wanted nothing to do with food, constant attempts to use the litter box and he was growing weak. I made a bunch of phone calls to see if there was a more affordable option. By the end of the day I found a place to bring him to that would do the surgery that was initially quoted at $3500 for $1200. By this point I have already spent about $1500 on the first two vet visits between the hospitalization, medicine and food. I am essentially ringing my pockets dry right now, but it needs to be done or he could die. I've never done one of these things before, but I am reaching out to ask for help with some of these bills. Anything would help. He's my lil bub and I want him to be okay.

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