Help us keep our house

Help us keep our house

From Laurena Fayad

We had to take a bank loan in the past to complete construction of our house, but dad and my older sister recently left their jobs and now we're afraid we won't be able to pay the bank anymore, risking losing our house.

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We're a family of 9 - my parents, my 5 siblings, my dog, and I. Years ago, we had family problems at our childhood house. They kept escalating until one day, we realized our lives were at risk. The only solution we had was to move to a new house. We had no money for it, so we basically sold everything we had - our car, a land that dad had inherited from his father, our jewelry, some of our furniture - we were basically left with nothing. The money we raised helped us buy a small land, and we started the construction. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to complete the house, so we had to take a bank loan on top to finish it. Fast forward 10 years later, my dad (61 years old) has recently been kicked out of his job because they prefer having younger people, my older sister who had been a main support also had to leave her job, and we're left with no income, nothing to live with but the savings we've put aside in case we face some hardships. These savings, considering the number of members in my family, would barely support our essential expenses (food, medicine) for the couple of months to come. If we don't pay the amount set by the bank every month, it will easily confiscate our house, and this is something I don't want my younger siblings to have to go through. We've tried a lot of ways to make money but nothing is working, so I found myself looking for fundraising websites as a last resort. Literally any amount would be much appreciated. I might not have anything to offer back as a thank you gift now, but I promise I will forever remember the people who decided to support me, and I'll make sure to give back when I become financially independent and able to.

I know it's very unlikely that I'll reach my target, but I just wanted to give it a try as this amount would literally change our lives and rid us of the burden of this loan. Nevertheless, we do appreciate every dollar that we can raise.

Thank you for your generosity, and if you decide not to donate, thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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