Help us house homeless female Veterans

Help us house homeless female Veterans

From Sterling Bryson

Compared to civilians, female veterans have a four times higher probability of becoming homeless.It's challenging for them to adjust to civilian life.We wish to raise money to help these homeless female veterans.

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It might be difficult to go from military to civilian life.We are aware that these devoted, creative, and problem-solving men and women can make excellent business and career professionals given the proper resources and tools.On our daily commutes home, we see people who are often without a blanket, sleeping on the chilly, hard sidewalk.Seeing my fellow veterans in such a precarious circumstance breaks my heart.Everyone, including our heroes, should have a place to live as long as they are actively looking for work, going to treatment, and working hard to provide for their kids' futures.

Female veterans have four times greater risk of homelessness compared to their civilian counterparts. Their return to civilian life is difficult. Women currently make up approximately 10% of the overall veteran population.

Honoring Those Who Serve

For these homeless female veterans, we're trying to raise money for housing and other necessities. It will soon be cold in a few months and we are hoping to raise funds to purchase sustainable housing that can withstand the coming winter. Additionally, we want to buy cots so they won't have to sleep on the cold ground.

Veterans shouldn't lost from the weather because they were sleeping outside as we have already lost enough people to Covid-19.The problem of being homeless won't be resolved by buying these kinds of things, but it will be a start in giving veterans a sense of belonging.Everybody has to start somewhere. So if you are reading this; Please donate so our Veterans don't suffer this coming winter. I thank all in advance for your time and donations.

Truth about Veteran Homelessness

Veterans in America are more likely to become homeless due to a lack of support and social isolation after discharge. 

  • Currently, every 1 in 5 veterans live in isolation.
  • Majority of homeless veterans suffer from disabilities, mental illness, or substance abuse.
  • 2 million living women veterans in the United States

We help Female veterans in need of housing and financial support. Your donation is going directly in funding the construction costs involved to build multiplex communities that will house those veterans and their families in need.

The purpose of this crowdfunding is to raise funds for procurement of properties to use as transitional housing for homeless female veterans and initial operating cost for staffing and required services for the beneficiaries.

Veterans are considerably more likely to achieve outstanding post-service outcomes when they receive help, secure housing, and access to programs and services.

According to studies, people who have more resources and chances have better and more predictable outcomes. Individuals' psychological and physical well-being is boosted through positive social relationships, housing support, and social services.


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