Help Us, Help Others

Help Us, Help Others

From Welcome Holy Spirit Int'l Ministry

We must raise $50,000 to help our Orphans in Kisii, Kenya with their needs. We have a lack of funding that comes into our outreach ministry without walls. They are in need of clothing, blankets, bibles, medicines, etc.

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We must raise $50,000 to help our 30 Orphans who are greatly impoverished.  They are in need of clothing, blankets, bibles, medicines, personal items, books, and there are those living in the village who have special needs.  Your gift will help us "build a well" in Kisii, Kenya for clean water and healthy food to ease their cry of starvation.  In 2022, Pastor Orlan was appointed our missions pastor.  Pastor Orlan lost his infant son due to lack of nutrition; his son died and others within their village from adverse conditions in 2022.  Our extended missions in Kisii, Kenya under Pastor Orlan are constantly fasting and praying that Elohim (God) would hear their cry. The Orphans are very unhealthy from the contaminated water they are drinking.  We continue to strive to support them; however, the funding that's coming into our outreach ministry is extremely limited.  Many times, we have had to help by giving "out-of-pocket." Your gift will also help us continue serving the community within our neighborhoods locally.  From 2006-2017, we served each month locally 100 impoverished men, women and children with food, clothing, bibles, shoes, blankets, and personal necessity items.  As an outreach ministry reaching 37 nations, many in other nations are contacting us for bibles.  Your gift will help us to give out bibles worldwide to those who are requesting them. Your gift will also help to continue airing our weekly gospel radio program around the world in 37 countries on - it is necessary to "sound the alarm" during these end times and spread the gospel to a dying nation.  Each week, we bring an uncompromising word of Elohim (God) on our program, "4 The Time Has Come."  We have been called to air the program on over 185 radio stations worldwide, which is greatly needed because time is winding up.  Souls must be won, many are dying prematurely all over the world without knowing a Holy Savior.  We are not called to carry a congregation, WHSI Ministry is without walls.  We cannot fulfill the mandate for these great needs ahead of us to include radio time which is expensive, without your financial support.  We have been called to be a witness for Christ Yeshua (Jesus) (Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19-20).  Please help us to let others know that they are not alone, that our Holy Father in Heaven is using you to help us bring joy into their lives.  We pray you will respond with your generous financial support today.  Stand with us against poverty and the sorrow that comes with inhumane conditions such as starvation and lack of nutrition.  These are children of Elohim and there is an urgent need to help them.  This world is not getting any better.  Heaven is recording us all (1 John 5:7-8).  Let it be written that you did all you could when you heard the need to do so.  

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