Help Us From Hunger!

Help Us From Hunger!

From Akeem Adeyemi

Richwish Foundation is raising funds to help the poor from hunger and Thirst. Kind donation will be used to provide foods, clean water essential items to the people most in need of assistance.

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Help Us From Hunger

Hunger and Thirst damages live, ruins and kills affected people. Help! Save the poor from pains, sorrows and untimely death. The poor are crying for foods, clean water and shelter. We have witnessed massive suffering from Orphans, Children, Widows, Disables, Physically Challenged and Vulnerables. The poor are seeking for caring hands to support and meet their needs. With your love and kind donations and gifts we would together save the lives of malnourished children and globally fight against Hunger and Thirst. You, family and friends should rush a donation now! 

Food Security remains one of the most urgent humanitarian needs for the poor. So, speed donation is essential and substantial financial resources are needed because humanitarian funding is a tiny fraction of government budgets and yet absolutely essential to keeping millions of people alive in conflict hotspots. Richwish Foundation is passionately continues to scale up its humanitarian response all over the world. We provide foods, clean water and essential household items to the people most in need of assistance. Saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflicts, disasters and impact of climate change. Help! Donate now. 

Richwish Foundation has acquired 800 hectares of farmland, a legacy and economical sustainability of this service, for cultivation of local foods such as Rice, Cassava, Maize, Banana, Beans, Vegetables, Pepper and Tomatoes. Fish and Poultry farming, rearing of goats e.t.c to increase food supply, wide coverage and reach out to the poor, ensure foods available for disbursement throughout the year and job creation. 

Please help and support the poor donate now extend your caring hands to save lives, communities and the world.

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