Help Us Feed 10,000 Starving Children A Month

Help Us Feed 10,000 Starving Children A Month

From Bilal Asad

After recent flooding, there are THOUSANDS of people with no next meal coming. People that were living on $2/day already reduced to nothing. Help Us Feed Them. Our goal is to feed 10,000 starving people a month.

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Paypal The Big Problem 

Currently, after the recent flooding, there are THOUSANDS of people out of work with no way of finding their next meal.People that were living on $2/day already even had that tiny amount wiped out. Their children are going hungry.

We are on a mission to help feed those people in dire conditions.Some Statistics:

In impoverished countries like Pakistan, almost 1 in 5 people lives in a state of dire poverty. 45% of children under 5 have stunted growth due to malnutrition.

Poverty and hunger are the primary reasons for child labor. Out of 40 million Pakistani children, 3.8 million children work to support their families.(1)Sixty percent of Pakistanis struggle to find food to eat. Pakistan’s women and children are the most affected by this type of poverty. (1)These are the heart-breaking statistics of such a wonderful country.(1)

Why This Matters

Think about all the issues and concerns in third world countries like Pakistan. Underdevelopment. Lack of infrastructure, lack of Education, Terrorism and threats, among many others. 

Yet all of these things have one thing in common,No other problems can be solved until basic need of hunger is met. Not education. Not terrorism. Not crime. Not corruption.

Take education for example.Think about if you had to write an important exam, except that you had not ate.You were starving and hungry. 

And you had hadn’t ate in 2 days.You didn’t have a fridge, and no kitchen to go to to easily pull out a meal to warm up. Imagine you had nobody to go to ask for a meal, because they didn’t have anything to eat either.

Would you focus on educating yourself? Or feeding yourself?

What about if it wasn’t just you...What if it was your family? Your mother? Your Father? Your children? Your siblings? What would do you do feed them?

Anything, right? 

That gives you an explanation why Poverty is a breeding ground for many other problems.But it all starts at the most basic of needs, simple food to eat.

The Solution

That is why we started . We are a federally registered Non-profit in Canada, striving to feed starving people in impoverished countries. 

Our goal is to Feed The Needy and allow anyone to Feed the Poor from anywhere in the world. 

We do this in two ways:We get Pots (Deghs) of Biryani Made, and we get them distributed to those in most need.

We create Ration Packages of a month’s grocery suppliers, and we deliver to the most needy.

Why Do We Do This And Why Should You Care?

We understand that this is a cause that we don’t really need to do. Nobody really has to do anything. But the truth is, we are all responsible.

 Those of us that have food in our fridge, a roof over our head and bed to sleep, you are richer than 76% of the world.

If you have money in the bank, your wallet, and some spare change you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

If you woke up this morning with more health than illness you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive this week.

If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the agony of imprisonment or torture, or the horrible pangs of starvation you are luckier than 500 million people alive and suffering.

If you can read this message you are more fortunate than 3 billion people in the world who cannot read it at all. 

Other people have not been so lucky as you in life. They weren't born into a great life. It wasn't their fault. They don’t have a fridge to open up. They don’t have a microwave to warm food. They can’t go out to a restaurant.

They have to deny their children when asked for a second meal of the day.

And for a simple $80, you can feed close to 80-100 of those people. 

How many times have you wasted $80 on something trivial like late fees? Or a parking ticket?

 Or even just lost it?

That $80 could have easily saved a child from crying themselves to sleep from hunger.

All Hope Is Not Lost

Now that we’ve started, our goal is to feed over 10,000 people a month in the impoverished areas of the world, starting in Pakistan.

We have already fed thousands of people in the last few months that we've been in operation.

People are smiling, food is flowing, the economy is growing and the results are showing.

Look at some of the pictures below from our distribution team: 

How Do We Operate? 

We are a registered Non-profit in Canada and have sourced trustworthy and vetted Biryani and Ration suppliers in multiple cities.

 We hire internal Operations Managers to develop a process and distribution centers.

We have a Quality Control team and are extremely diligent in screening for corruption and have a dedicated team of God-fearing, Honest and Vetted team members and volunteers working with us.

Distribution centers can be ‘Dastaskhans’ (food banks), Orphanages, Schools in Impoverished Areas and more.

 Sometimes, families will discreetly ask us for help and we will help them with Ration packages.We try to preserve their privacy and respect as much as we can. 

What Are We Giving Out? 

We have two things that we distribute:

Biryani (a rice dish) by getting 10kg Pots (deghs) made

.Ration Packages of Grocery supplies

.The reason we do biryani and Ration packages is that Money can be stolen and affected by corruption, but Biryani can not.

It is not 100% fool proof, but it is much easier to see food reaching the Deserving (Haqdaar) than it is giving money.

  What Are Some Benefits of Donating

You can count on us for these things.

No Hanky-Panky: Guarantee that your money is being applied to feeding people directly, or will be applied directly to services leading to people being fed like plates, delivery charges, etc.

Give you Charity Receipts Yearly: It is a tax write off and even if you forget, we’ll send you a copy of all your donations at the end of the year.Photos and Videos of Delivery: We will post photos and videos of every delivery on our site, on our Facebook and Instagram.

Join The Family: We consider you a part of our family and you get to join a part of our community that is like-minded in serving humanity. 

 How You Can Help The Cause

Thank you for reading this far.If you’ve read this far, you’re clearly someone who has good intentions in their heart and would like to join. But there may be some hurdles for you.Fear not, you can help even beyond just the monetary. 

There are 3 Main Ways To Help Us 

Give a monthly donationThis is the best solution that will allow us to consistently feed people month over month

Give a donation, big or small: even a penny is appreciated and makes a difference.

Volunteer: Help us with your time. We need volunteers to help, even if you’re not in Pakistan and have skills, connections, resources. We would love for you to join the cause.  


For Taking your time and reading this. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY:Please SHARE This.With Family. Friends. Strangers. Anyone. Each SHARE can feed up to 10 people,according to calculations. 

Thank You! 



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