Direct Assistance to Ukrainians

Direct Assistance to Ukrainians

From Angela Sprutsko

As a native Ukrainian, I am raising money for direct help to Ukrainians unable to flee. Funds go directly to my extensive local network and will be used on housing, food, firewood and other survival needs. Please help!!

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As someone who was born and raised in Ukraine, I am compelled to help my country during this disaster.

In 1995 I moved from Ukraine to USA leaving behind the land I grew up in, my family and friends. I left to start a new life in a land of opportunities that I have come to love as much as my motherland. I vividly remember my country. Kind and hospitable people, wide tree filled avenues, open fields, wind blowing across the fields - such a comforting sound. Peace and joy that I felt in my formative years are deeply etched in my memory. Seems it was just yesterday.

Today I see pictures of Donetsk, Mariupol, Kharkiv and other towns in rubble, families displaced, children taken out of schools and living in fear, basic facilities in shambles. What we took for granted - bread, water, electricity, heat and cellular service that connects us to loved ones have quickly become luxuries. It is hard to comprehend the war and the adversity it has created. 

The stories I get from Ukraine every day are of families taking a train out of Kyiv in the middle of the night, not even knowing where the train is going but feeling lucky they got on - so many left behind. Another family driving away in the middle of chaos and bombardment as far as their gas tank can take them, finding shelter in an abandoned house miles away, looking for firewood to keep warm. Another family's home (the chared one on the picture here) is completely destroyed in Kharkiv - all possessions gone, they are looking for shelter. Another family sleeping in a basement or subway station in all of their clothes and shoes, but still cold. They wrap toilet paper around their feet, it traps warm air and keeps feet warmer. Most are in survival mode, most don't have the means to make it for very long.  These are the stories of people I know and those they met along this aweful journey. Unthinkable just a few weeks ago. My heart hurts as I hear their stories and see the images of destruction and suffering.

We can’t sit idly and not help. I am appealing to all of you to contribute towards the fund that will go to meet the basic needs of a common folk whose lives have been uppended. Your contributions will go directly to the people who are still in Ukraine and have the need. Contributions will go towards shelter, food and basic needs just so they can continue the fight for survival. We have spread the word in Ukraine that we can help. Getting your contributions in the hands of people is a challenge in itself since many banks are closed. But there are ways - from booking apartments directly in Ukraine in unaffected towns where people can stay, to purchasing food supplies to distributing small amounts of cash to those in need where ATM's and banks are still functioning. There is still currently a way to directly help those on Ukrainian territory. 

My biggest hope is that this madness ends very very soon. And that another child just like me can have fond memories of their motherland and the happy childhood they had in Ukraine. This is my dream.

I remain hopeful and most grateful for your support. God Bless!


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