Help Transform Lives Today - Support BRJF Fund

Help Transform Lives Today - Support BRJF Fund

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BRJF is advocating and helping to build villages for homeless; supports victims of rape and violence; helps single mothers and their children; advocates and assists women who want to pursue careers in the arts; and more.

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BRJF Helps the Homeless, the Rape & Violence Victim, Single Mothers & their Children, Stops Hunger, and Much More. 

Los Angeles has started to build "Tiny Villages" in various select locations. California's homeless populace is growing at large levels. These managed villages help cure the problem, yet we need many more. BRJF started off small by rescuing some homeless, bringing them into recovery shelters, buying them food, giving them blankets, and offering information and resources. We want to expand by building managed villages of various types. No one wants to see trash and garbage strewn everywhere by homeless.  The villages are beautiful and clean. Please donate. Below find image of just one of the villages built in NoHo. We have more designs available, including a Recovery Ranch that not only helps addicts recover from addiction, but also rescue horses rounded up by the BLM and shelters animals. Our residents will be working a 12-step program everyday, yet also will care for our rescued animals, the ranch, and learn to give & care again. 

Too many rape victims never report the rapes, thinking that they will not be believed by a ritually misogynistic legal system. Even if they do report rapes and violence, most often perpetrators are set free and never prosecuted.  There is a governmental program, called Victims of Violent Crimes, yet they turn down more applicants than they accept. Even if they do accept an applicant they never establish economic justice for the victims, cause they do not fund legal fees. Perpetrators should also pay for their wrongdoing and mistakes, if possible.  Rape and victims of violence may have a hard time working, many quit their jobs and school, unable to focus. They sometimes need to time for physical healing and emotional healing. Many need to relocate but cannot afford to do so.  BRJF gets involved wherever and whenever we can.  Relocation, subsidizing rent, empowering victims through resource sharing and information, maybe a new level of education, and care. 


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