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Thanks for reading... Hi, my name is Matt, and have unfortunately come to a time in my life I need to ask for help. I am 48 years old and when I was 46 I had my first son, whose name is Anton, after my late mother, Ann. At this point in my life, I had given up on having children. But then the woman I had been seeing became pregnant. I could not believe this had happened, It was the most amazing feeling of my life. Anton was born on 8-13-2020. After he was born I began to fix up the house for a family. I threw away my old couch, my broken stove, and my broken dishwasher. I had started saving some money to make the house nice for my girlfriend and new son. I was working a lot of hours at that time and completing it became a challenge. About three months after Anton was born things started getting strange with my now ex. This has to do with personal things my ex is going through and really don't want to get to detailed about the issues she is experiencing online as they are very personal to her. I don't believe this to be something she planned but something she cannot control and think she deserves privacy for that matter. I will say she was thinking things were happing that were not and just leave it at that. She went back to her parent's house and I fought to keep my family together for close to the next six months. I got her to attend counseling with me one time with the expectation she would see the therapist for a few sessions alone and then I would return after we went to the first visit together. That never happened and this is the point we started to become more distant. I still kept trying because I felt she could get help with what was going on and we would be happy. When Anton's 1st birthday came and she would not let me see him, I knew that was the time I had to hire an attorney. I did not take it to this point earlier because I really thought we could fix this with counseling and I knew once I took this step there would be no hope. I used the money I had saved to fix up the house and I hired an attorney instead. Her brother is an attorney and started to represent her in the case. Their strategy to start was to do everything to make me spend money on the attorney, by filing petty motions and forcing mediation. During this period my income had started to take a downturn and now only worsen to where it is a challenge to make the bills each month. During the process, her brother had to withdraw as her attorney because he had not been able to contact her in six weeks and she has not complied with anything the judge ordered. This should add some justification to her having issues that don't need to be put online. I will explain privately to anyone that wants to know. We had a trial date of 5-05-2022 and she was able to get this date extended. I found out the cost of my attorney will be 3,000 minimum for the cost of the trial because of her noncompliance with anything and will more time preparing due to the evolving complexity of the case. I have been waiting for a new date since the 5th and asked my attorney what to do next. This is when I found out how deep I was now. I was going to file a motion next week but that was 2,000 on top of the trial cost. I told him If I have to do the trial I cannot file the motion. The cost of the trial was going to be a challenge itself. At this point, I have not seen my son since he was 5 months and every day gets harder. It's very humbling to have to ask for help but I have reached the point that if I want to get to know my son before he turns two I have no choice. This can be verified by going to and searching case # 2021-509484-DC. I would not be asking for this help from anyone if I had any other choice. I have fallen behind on a lot of bills including the mortgage and the house still remains without furniture and a stove. I just need help to get these legal fees paid so I can finish the house and get caught up on my bills. My goal after getting custody is to get the help needed for my ex so hopefully, we can be a family again.  

Thank you for reading my story,


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