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Kandahar fell to the Taliban today, and it appears America has abandoned its allies within the country. The reporting of atrocities is off the charts. They are gouging out the eyes of members of the Afghan National Army, slowly torturing them to death. They are forcing unmarried women and 15 year old girls to "marry" fighters, while imprisoning their fathers, brothers, and sons in the Taliban to fight or be brutally executed for treason.


In Kandahar there is at least one individual who I can verify supported our interests in the fight against terrorism throughout Afghanistan. He was a translator who helped US Military Intelligence and Contract Intelligence and Information Operations counter Taliban attacks and activities, including weapons non-proliferation and countering human rights abuses. He put his life on the line and his family at risk to do the right thing because he is a truly good human being.


There is no indication the US will be air lifting out any of the individuals who supported us against the Taliban, now that the country has been left to its merciless rule. We have a responsibility to do everything in our power to help these individuals who we have put in such grave danger by accepting their support and abandoning them in their hour of need.


We are raising funds to help this young family, to escape this hellacious fate. Please support these efforts. It is the right thing to do.

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