Something not snarky about this cat

Something not snarky about this cat

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Jesse's cat is sick. If this was me, I'm not entirely sure what I would do either. Regardless, she and her cat (gross) could use some help. Help away.

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Loads of you know Oberon. He's my face smashing, dander-having . He's my big little love and a very special man.

Yesterday, he and I spent the day at the University of Minnesota Vet finding out that he has a medical issue that I can't afford to fix. More than likely, he has something called a Lung Lobe Torsion. In order to know definitively, we'd need to have one more test done. This would effectively tell us whether it's a torsion, or if is a mass.

The wonderful Dr. I worked with is fairly certain it's a torsion. The surgery for that is generally successful, although the torsion *can* return depending on the cause. If is a mass, tests would be done to determine the type of mass and treatment.

I've exhausted my budget, and I'm honestly a fucking wreck. So, I'm looking for anything, resources, advice, opinions, love. He's not an old man, and I so want him to be. Aside from this (we found out after a number of tests he's healthy, his mind is good, his heart is good, he's a little fat but that's part of his charm.

Anyone who's been in this situation - how the fuck do you do it? I feel like I am totally letting him down. Having the surgery done would require a CT scan, both procedures totally about $7-8,000. There's no reasonable way for me to come up with that amount of money. So I'm stuck. I'm stuck here knowing this and he's sitting next to me purring away like the best boy that he is...

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