Help Them Survive Gaza

Help Them Survive Gaza

From Abdallah Mohamed

Hello, We are raising money to help the children of Gaza, and providing them with food and medicine. We will make food baskets for the poor children in Gaza

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Give Hope To The Children Of Gaza

My name is Abdallah Mohamed . I live in Gaza.

I have not, nor do I intend to engage in politics.

I am a believer in doing good for all human beings.

I am trying to help the poor and orphans and bring them some basic necessities, such as food and some medicine.

I know many families who are very poor and who need food and medicine and cannot provide it.

This campaign aims to help poor families and provide basic necessities of food and some medicines at this bad time in Gaza City.

As most people know, Gaza has been under constant land, air and sea blockade since 2007.

During this time the Gazans have gone through 3 wars that left thousands dead and tens of thousands homeless. This has led to tens of thousands displaced families, many of whom are still displaced due to the slow pace of reconstruction.

In addition, this year the salaries of over 70,000 Gazans have either been reduced or completely eliminated. Recently more families have been affected by the loss of their loved ones, who were killed or wounded during the “Great Return March”. If all of these crises are not enough, recently the UN is facing a severe funding crisis. This crisis had led them to lay off 154 employees in the West Bank and 113 employees in Gaza, adding to the existing large number of unemployed people there. They also moved 580 employees in the Gaza Strip from full-time positions to part-time positions. This caused the situation in Palestine in general and Gaza specifically to deteriorate even more, causing more children and families to be in dire need of our help. Many families are now at risk of losing their homes due to the lack of money to pay the rent, many more have no food, let alone necessary hygiene and medical supplies.

My friends and I have been working very hard to provide food, clothing, medical supplies and other necessities to improve the lives of the people in Gaza.

In order to keep this going we are asking for your help today. Any amount goes a long way. All recipients are "screened" and 100% of all monies received goes directly to help those who are suffering the most in Gaza.

Again, please understand this isn’t about politics, this is about humanity.

Per trasparenza, forniremo foto e qualsiasi altra dimostrazione inerente l’arrivo degli aiuti

Crediamo fortemente in questa iniziativa e siamo fiduciosi di ricevere anche il vostro contributo, pertanto GRAZIE DA PARTE NOSTRA, DI GAZA E DI TUTTA LA PALESTINA

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