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Hello, My name is Vikram Singh. I am a writer and journalist. I live in a small town Machhiwara Sahib in Ludhiana district of Punjab (India). I hope most of you already know that I am raising funds to donate library b...

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I am trying to provide the said schools with 200 sets of books (worth US $ 13.65 each) with my crowd funding project. These schools lack useful library books on account of limited resources. Though resources are meagre, yet the number of needy is higher.  This is the problem I need to solve with the funds I am trying to collect.

 I am planning to do the activities as soon as I collect the sufficient required funds. I need to raise the money by 15th of June, 2021. And distribute the books in question within next 30 days.

I am going to implement my project from my home town Machhiwara Sahib in Ludhiana district of Punjab (India). Initially my project is confined to district Ludhiana. However, in course of time, I wish to cover the entire state of Punjab.

I don’t have another financial way to carry out this idea. I believe my idea will benefit a lot of students. I also believe that many people will be interested in my idea and they will love to participate in it. I really want all the people to contribute to my project and support the same cause I support. 

I am planning to use the collected funds in the following manner:-

US $ 2730.00 for 200 sets of Books @ US $13.65 per set

US $ 412.00 for Distribution Charges @ US $ 2.06 per set

US $ 275.28 for Storage Rent for 4 months @ US $ 68.82 per month

Miscellaneous Expenses US $ 220.21

In this way, I need to raise US $ 3637.49 to achieve my objective. You can help students get education by donating money to get books. I hope you will join me in this mission. I am grateful to you for every dollar you decide to donate in order to enable me to distribute books. I am thankful to you for this act of kindness and also for taking the time to visit my fund raising page.

Thank you for your support,

With gratitude,

Vikram Singh

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