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From Rogdena Williams

Instituto Partiu Liberdade, headquartered in Brasília/DF, is a non-profit civil association, with administrative and financial autonomy, with no partisan and/or religious character, governed by rules expressed in the ...

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Its main goal is to ensure the fundamental rights of former inmates of the juvenile detention system, through the development and management of actions, projects, and assistance, educational, cultural, sports and health programs, aiming at the generation of opportunities, social reintegration and the prevention of recidivism. All the services and products offered will be free of charge and permanent and extended to the participants' families.

The decision to work exclusively with adolescents who have left the socio-educational system was not random, but the result of studies and research that show the indifference of the State and society towards this public.

One cannot deny the significant advances in the protection and guarantee of the rights of children and youth brought about by Law n. 8,069, of July 13, 1990, which provides for the Statute of the Child and Adolescent (ECA). From the perverse logic of the "delinquent minor" to the Doctrine of Integral Protection, Brazil has come a long way in the search for the recognition of children and adolescents as subjects of rights.

With regard to adolescents who commit in fractional acts, the ECA and, more recently, Law n. 12,594, of January 18, 2012, which established the National System of Socio-Educational Care (Sinase), discipline from the verification of the in fractional act to the extinction of the measure, "humanizing" the system. However, the exclusion of former convicts and ex-convicts in the legal system is clear. With the exception of clause XVIII of article 94 of ECA, which establishes an obligation to the entities that develop detention programs "to maintain programs destined to the support and follow-up of former inmates", there is no other legal support or public policy destined to former inmates. Thus, victims of violence, invisible to society, deprived of support during childhood, of freedom during adolescence, and of fundamental rights throughout their lives, adolescents commit infractions, serve socio-educational measures, and, without any expectation of social reintegration when they return to freedom, re-offend, generating a cycle of violence with disastrous results. Interrupting this cycle means making efforts to create opportunities, establish affective bonds, and promote the development of socioemotional and cognitive skills. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible to prevent recidivism. In this sense, the Instituto Partiu Liberdade was born with the vocation of filling legal and social gaps that prevent reintegration. Through the creation of educational and interactive space, former students of the socio-educational system can be assisted in their specific needs and participate in inclusive pedagogical practices that awaken their abilities and potentialities.   

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