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As a certified ENERGY DONOR, you help people and also become a climate hero! In this project, we want to reach 100 Maasai families. This means a reduction in emissions by a total of 500 tons of COC2, and 12.5 hectares...

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When one thinks of East Africa, it is not uncommon to think of the Maasai, living in harmony with nature. In an inaccessible and incredibly beautiful nature, with plenty of wildlife. The Maasai is one of the most remote groups in East Africa. Despite all the challenges they have faced over the years, they have always protected their nomadic lifestyle and set of traditional customs.

The Maasai is estimated to constitute around 1M people today. They are known for their unique culture and clothing. They speak Maa, originating from Nilo-Saharan, and also Swahili and English. During colonial times, the Maasai stood firm against slavery.

The Maasai lives in some of East Africa's most stunning parts. As nomads, moving with their cows, they build temporary houses that can be easily brought down. With the increasing frequency of extreme weather and climate change, the pressure on both nature and families is increasing.

GIVEWATTS' vision is to eradicate energy poverty in Africa. Both humans and nature are at the center. By speeding up the transition to climate-smart energy solutions, households are strengthened and enabled to decide more for themselves about their future. With access to solar cell lamps, mobile phone chargers, and energy-smart stoves, they can save up to 40% of their income. That means cleaner air in the home, better health, specifically for the children, and improving grades. We see an average improvement of 15% in grades in the first 6 months.

At the same time, nature is under less pressure to keep people alive. For every household that has access to a climate-smart energy product (solar lamps or stoves), carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by around 5 tons, and 1250 m2 of the forest is saved from being cut down.

In this project, we want to reach 100 Maasai families. For that, we need US$ 5,000. This means a reduction in emissions by a total of 500 tons of COC2, and 12.5 hectares of forest that stays well-rooted and standing up. GIVEWATTS' energy ladder shows the journey that a schoolchild, a household, and a society can make with access to better and cleaner energy.

More opportunities open up, and the structures that keep people in poverty can be broken.

Thanks for your support! When we reach our goal, we will send one of our exclusive digital certificates as a thank you.

Relevant Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 1 (No Poverty), SDG 3 (Good health and well-being), SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 5 (Gender equality), SDG 7 (Affordable and clean energy), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 15 (Life on land).

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