Raise money for medical supplies in Somalia

Raise money for medical supplies in Somalia

From Abdullahi Mohamed

our mission is to raise money for medical supplies including masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and protective clothing with life-saving tools to improve diagnosis, care and to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Somalia. An ...

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Coronavirus, COVID-19, has now reached multiple poor African nations. Somalia is one of them.  It has reported its first case on March 16, 2020.  As we have witnessed in many nations around the world with sufficient resources, it is extremely difficult to contain the spread of this virus albeit the government is trying. The Somalian government with its extremely limited resources due to decades of civil war and devastating terrorism has taken concrete steps to control the spread of this virus by closing its borders with Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti, canceling international flights, closing schools, mosques, restaurants and coffee shops and many others. 

All these steps are putting tremendous pressure on the country where the vast majority of the population live way below the poverty line. Somalia has the lowest GNP and adult literacy rate and the highest infant mortality rate in the Horn of Africa. Somalia, classified as a Least Developed Country (LDC), is one of the poorest countries in the world with an annual per capita income of less than $ 200. Somalia will face an uphill battle and may fail to contain this virus without the support from local and diaspora Somalis as well as our fellow human beings.

After realizing the enormity of this challenge for the Somali government, I, Abdullahi along with my friends, Dr. Jama, Dr. Maryam and Yahya have decided step forward and create this FUNDLY to fill the gap between what the government can and can’t do. We will be on the ground in Somalia.  With the exception of our expenses (Travel, Hotel and Meals), all the funds will be allocated for this cause. We have started the conversation and coordination with the government representatives and here is what we are planning to cover:

Our Plan:

1.      Provide Supplies – Gloves, Masks, Hand Sanitizers and protective gear for medical professionals

2.     Provide a test kit to diagnose and identify early before the virus spreads to the larger communities.

3. Provide assistance for those impacted by closed businesses

4.      Educate kids and elderly about the virus

5.      Provide meds for those that needed and can’t afford

6.      Provide Isolation facilities for those that needed and government could not provide.

Our Mission is motivated by the love of humanity, several dollars you donate today can save the lives of millions of innocent peoples in Somalia, those people need your help- our help in this difficult time, please join us to bring change, create positive impact and show the world the true meaning of humanity.




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