Donate to Help The Kachadoorians

Donate to Help The Kachadoorians

From Lu Lobello

I am raising money to help the Kachadoorians as well as other innocent victims of war.

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The Kachadoorians' life changed on April 8th 2003. While seeking shelter from bombs being dropped by U.S. forces they took a wrong turn on Baladayat street. This mistake cost them the lives of their father and two sons. After Nora (the daughter) was taken to the hospital in Iraq she met Asaad while waiting for the Dr. to perform surgery. Asaad and Nora were married soon after and later had two children, Joseph and Sam. Nora, Asaad, Nora's mother (Margaret) and their two sons hid out in Iraq before moving to Syria for a few years. They finally were allowed to move to the U.S. in 2009. They face the same problems that all immigrants do when they first move to a new country. However, as victims of war they suffer a whole host of issues that make all of the common challenges even more pronounced.

As a disabled combat veteran I understand the toll of witnessing the violent experience of war. In my throes of depression, despair and violence I think to myself, "none of my brothers in arms sacrificed as much as they did that day, Nora watched her father and two brothers be killed right in front of her eyes. She was shot in the shoulder and bleeding profusely." Our nation tries to compensate me through disability payments and access to health care. They honor my sacrifice and it is time we honor the Kachadoorians. Money we raise will be spent on healthcare, especially counseling, for the Kachadoorians and other victims similarly situated. The money will give victims a chance to get an education and to meet their basic human needs. Most importantly the money will be used to research and recommend policies that will forever change the way the U.S. cares for the innocent civilians that are effected by war.

It is impossible to engage in a full scale war without innocent civillians being killed, maimed or forever emotionally scarred. Because we live in a world that shows no sign of imminent world peace we must not only care for our veterans but we must care for all humans that have to sacrifice in our campains.

Please help honor the Kachadoorians and the sacrifices they have made for freedom. Help others like them and help institute policies that will make it mandatory to care for anyone effected by our wars.

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